Asian Film Hall of Fame


I honestly wasn't expecting Black Rain to get this high.

Congrats Allaby and Rbrayer for the win, and thank to Citizen for doing a great job hosting.

3)Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow
5)Tears of the Black Tiger
8)Drunken Angel
10)Black Rain
11)Dust in the Wind

I'm also thinking of doing another Short Films HOF soon if anyone's interested.

Edit: got one of the names wrong haha

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Thank you Citizen for hosting. Good job! So do the people who nominated the winning films get a gold star or a blue ribbon or something?

I'm also thinking of doing another Short Films HOF soon if anyone's interested.
I have no idea what I'd nominate, but I would potentially join if I found something. I joined the 4th one and due to the short runtimes, it was a breeze to get through.

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My ballot:

1. Rashomon
2. Hanagatami
3. Tears of the Black Tiger
4. Black Rain
5. Drunken Angel
6. Dust in the Wind
7. Mother
8. Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
9. Paprika
10. Daimajin
11. Chocolate

Great hall of fame. The only film I would say I disliked is Chocolate and it's not like I hated it or anything. Everything else was at least good with my top 7 being things I consider very good and my top 3 masterpieces.

Congrats Allaby and Rbrayer!

Your nominations: Rashomon and Paprika will be honored in MoFo's hallowed Hall of Fame Museum

Thanks everyone for joining!

If you got your list post them, as in a couple days I'll post the remaining voting list so you guys can check my math! Though I did add and re-add the numbers a whole bunch of times!

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My ballot:

1. Rashomon
2. Mother
3. Tears of the Black Tiger
4. Chocolate
5. Black Rain
6. Daimajin
7. Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
8. Drunken Angel
9. Paprika
10. Dust in the Wind
11. Hanagatami

Here's my ballot:

1 Black Rain
2 Drunken Angel
3 Dust in the Wind
4 Hanagatami
5 Paprika
6 Mother
7 Rashomon
8 Tears of the Black Tiger
9 Daimajin
10 Chocolate
11 Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

Lmao I think I probably tanked Mother's chances, it was dead last for me.
I think my ballot went like:

01. Hanagatami

02. Daimajin

03. Tears of the Black Tiger

04. Dust in the Wind

05. Drunken Angel

06. Rashomon

07. Paprika

08. Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

09. Black Rain

10. Chocolate

11. Mother

Also, thanks for running this Citizen and thanks to everyone for participating.

My ballot with the ratings I'll (most likely) add to my letterboxd:

01: Chocolate

02: Rashomon

03: Daimajin

04: Paprika

05: Black Rain

06: Hanagatami

07: Drunken Angel

08: Mother

09: Tears of the Black Tiger

10: Dust in the Wind

11: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Had difficulties ordering the films from 3rd to 5th. Also, switched the last two several times.

  1. Paprika
  2. Damaijan
  3. Mother
  4. Black Rain
  5. Tears of the Black Tiger
  6. Drunken Angel
  7. Rashomon
  8. Dust in the Wind
  9. Snake in the Eagles Shadow
  10. Chocolate
  11. Hanagatami
Pretty big gap between 4 and 5 for me, happy that Paprika won/tied.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
Congrats Allaby and Rbrayer!

1) Mother #3
2) Black Rain #2
3) Paprika #1 TIE
4)Rashomon #1 TIE
5) Chocolate #8 TIE
6) Daimajin #4
7) Drunken Angel #5
8) Snake in the Eagle's Shadow #9
9) Tears of the Black Tiger #6
10) Dust in the Wind #8 TIE
11) Hanagatami #7
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Congrats to the winners! Both worthy pics!

I thoroughly enjoyed Hanagatami, Paprika, Tears of the Black Tiger and Black Rain quite a bit.

I totally understand the tepid response to Dust in the Wind, although I love it, I do feel it meanders at times. Despite that, I feel it was still an amazing film,

Hanagatami is similar, especially the first 40 mins. Kira’s portrayal bothered me, especially since everyone seemed to want to include him in everything. He killed a defenseless puppy, manipulated Chitose, and humiliated Mina, and only Ukai did anything about it and that took forever to happen. Great catch by Pahak on the vampire theme with Mina, even though I caught the name, and considered her blood fetish odd, I never made that connection despite it staring me right in the face. The use of the green screen was obvious, but it was supposed to be, and didn’t distract from the film. I still really enjoyed it, but it’s not for everyone.

Tears of the Black Tiger was such a fun ride, it was never meant to be taken seriously. I made note of its homage to spaghetti westerns, but Siddon is right, it’s closer to an acid western, which itself draws on Spaghetti westerns.

Anyways, fun HOF, guys.
And thanks CR for running it!

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Snake in the Eagle's Shadow was #7 on my list. It had been awhile since I'd watched a kung-fu comedy film, so I was able to appreciate the tropes and it sparked a lot of nostalgia.
I loved it but it was still my #4. So many great films.

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I am so glad that so many folks enjoyed Paprika so much! My goal in nominating it was to bring a great piece of art to more folks so I'm glad it was appreciated! That said, it was my #2!! Here's my ballot:

1 - Rashomon
2 - Paprika
3 - Black Rain
4 - Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
5 - Mother
6 - Hanagatami
7 - Drunken Angel
8 - Daimajin
9 - Dust in the Wind
10 - Chocolate
11 - Tears of the Black Tiger