The Personal Recommendation Hall of Fame II


Just missed this, but still, congratulations Suspect, you know everyone's taste way too well. I liked every film that was picked for me, and loved my top 5.

And next time I'll think twice before nominating a fantasy film for Citizen!

Just missed this, but still, congratulations Suspect, you know everyone's taste way too well. I liked every film that was picked for me, and loved my top 5.

And next time I'll think twice before nominating a fantasy film for Citizen!
Oh I don't know, it all seemed to equal out. But you did make a good choice for me, sorry I didn't like it better.

Citizen Rules-A Matter of Life and Death (11th)
HashtagBrownies-Interview with the Vampire (11th)

A big congratulations to Suspect for taking home the win thanks to a whopping 4 1st place votes. For the rest of us, I guess participating is something. Look for part 4 sometime around mid June
How? You won't have anything left to choose!

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
I guess it was a good thing I finished!!! Hahahahaha.

This was a lot of fun and thank you so much for running this Cricket. Sorry, I took forever to watch the movies and if I were to participate in these again, I will literally write out a schedule and stick to it!!!!

I did enjoy every movie I watched, if I ranked your movie low, it wasn't because I didn't enjoy it. There just so happened to be better movies recommended to me.

Genuinely surprised though. Thanks again peeps.
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Suspect's Reviews

Congrats Suspect! I had forgotten which one I had at number one. It's been awhile since I sent in the final tally. The first PRHoF had an obvious no.1 for me. This time, any of the films in my top 3 could have been in the top spot. They were all completely different (a romantic comedy, war film, noir) but each one was outstanding in it's way.

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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Well done, Suspect!

I hoped I'd do better than 8th, but at least I got one 1st place vote

I had so many good films picked for me, I feel bad that ones I really liked only got to 6th or 7th on my ballot.

the descent

had a review of this left open in a tab but it timed out so i'll just summarize it briefly. in short, this is the only one of my noms that i didn't know anything about going in and i was genuinely caught off-guard by how much i liked it. one of the most intense suspense exercises i've seen, as well as a particularly effective grief metaphor as we just fall further and further into despair as their obstacles feel increasingly insurmountable, a despair that even a physical escape cannot save us from because our souls can never truly leave the cave. what it lacks in characterization it makes up for in pure visceral horror, and as someone who often feels one step removed from their emotions while watching even a very good movie, anything that can make me feel any particular emotion so vividly is much appreciated.

Most Biblical movies were long If I Recall.
seen A Clockwork Orange. In all honesty, the movie was weird and silly

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Congratulations Frightened Inmate, you are the 12th member to finish!

I was surprised when The Descent was chosen for you and then even more surprised when I saw where you placed it on your list. I shouldn't have been because it's awesome.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
DAMN! Missed the Reveal by a long shot!

And of course, since I can't seem to rave enough, putting this all together and running with it, [email protected] AWESOME, @cricket!!

Can NOT believe I made it to second -- WOW
Very happy to see I've been able to return the favor of nominating some good choices for all of the ones I received. I didn't have a bad one in the lot, and, much like the first one and so far in the Foreign Language Edition, it came down to which I enjoyed a little more than the ones lower on the lists.

2nd Place
Edarsenal-78 Points

Thursday Next-Parasite (1st)
Hey Fredrick-The Killers (1st)
Neiba-Predestination (2nd)
Wyldesyde-Paper Moon (3rd)
HashtagBrownies-The Great Silence (4th)
Siddon-Dinner at Eight (4th)
Frightened Inmate-Planet of the Apes (6th)
Citizen Rules-Peter Pan (8th)
TheUsualSuspect-Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (8th)
Cricket-Underworld (8th)
Miss Vicky-The Maltese Falcon (9th)

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Where's my manners??? OMG, I forgot to thank our host...

Thanks Cricket for one of the most awesome ideas on MoFo! This is one of my all time favorite events here. And a BIG thanks for hosting it!!!