Horror Movie about killing bullies?


New Movie Im trying to make. Let me know what you think of the idea. I'm raising funds for the movie on Indie Gogo. If you like the idea please search "Red Head Randy" on Indie Gogo.

Red Head Randy is an Anti-bullying horror film about a homosexual student who is bullied to death but returns for revenge on all the high school kids who bullied him.

The slogan for the movie is "Lets SCARE the **** OUTTA BULLIES!"

If you want my opinion, don't make his homosexuality such a big deal when you put the script together. That shouldn't define your character unless the message you wish to send does indeed hinge on exploring his sexuality.

And the slogan doesn't work for me.

I wrote up a lengthy post about what I thought about your movie, but once I finished, I started thinking that maybe I'm not sure what I feel yet.

I support the idea of doing a movie about a dead homosexual high school guy who, after committing suicide, comes back to life and kills his bullies.

Your comparison to him with Freddy Krueger, though, is INSANE. Freddy Krueger was a child molester and murderer who was killed by the parents of his victims because a technicality saved him from going to jail so they took justice in their own hands. Taking an innocent gay boy and turning him into an evil Freddy Krueger character is ridiculous. How did he get his supernatural powers? You're inviting me to think that maybe Redhead Randy went to Hell for being gay or something and that's how he became evil.

And I must say, this whole thing reeks of capitalizing off of the whole anti-bullying movement. Just another reason why I don't like it. This particular thing, though... almost bothers me more than Karen Klein. In theory, at least. Hell, you should go to Karen Klein - she's got $50,000 she could give ya.

I'm not at all impressed by the trailer you put together. It doesn't look like it would be good. I would think that this movie would upset a lot of people, so I'm surprised that you have apparently found a lot of people who support it. You are pushing some buttons here with the gay killer and the whole anti-bullying thing. If people are really receptive to this movie, I feel disgusted, because it seems like the only thing that could be swaying them positively towards it is the whole idea of it being about a bullied kid getting revenge. But to me, this seems no different than saying, "Let's make a movie where Karen Klein is a killer and she kills all the kids on that bus who made fun of her." That's completely two-faced if people can embrace something like this while also wanting to promote goodness and peace and kindness.

So, as a work of art, I am okay with it, but to me, it's another indicator of how idiotic and dumb this whole anti-bullying phenomenon is. It would be great if you could make this movie as a way to show that. However, I assume you're taking a very serious route and judging by your assertion that you're creating the next Freddy Krueger, you are totally out of your mind and out of touch.

That's what Dramas are made for, proving the bully wrong.
no one else is dealing with your demons friend - tyler joseph.