Things that annoy you...


Chappie doesn't like the real world
What I hate is moronic drivers on mobile phones(unless you need to be on some sort of phone - police for example, there is no excuse to be holding a mobile phone while driving) especially the even bigger morons that text while driving.!
This infuriates me. I have come very close to being hit and have seen other close calls due to the driver being on their phone. It irks me to no end that people refuse to admit it's a dangerous habit.

I got annoyed at a restaurant last weekend.

So I made a reservation at 8 for 4 people. We arrive at the restaurant at 5 to 8. I tell the manager my name and she says "your table isn't ready yet, but you can get a drink t the bar and I'll come get you when your table's ready". I was already semi-bugged when I heard that, but when we were at the bar, I saw there were 3 vacant tables for 4.

So, the second we got our drinks, I was thinking "no more standing around here, there's a table right there and we headed over there and just sat down". And so we did. We were sitting there for about 5 minutes I guess before the manager saw us and come over. Before she could say anything, I smiled and said "can we have the menu, please?". And she said: "Sir, this isn't your table... yours will be ready in a few minutes and I'll come get you when it's ready."

I was quite pissed then, because I'd been working all day and I just picked up my girl and another couple and wanted to have a spot of dinner. So I told her that I don't like standing around when there's vacant tables. The people who come later than I did can stand around when ALL the tables are taken and if my name is next to some other table than the one I'm sitting on, she can get a damn pen and fix that.

Naturally, being a bitch on her high horse, she said: I'm sorry sir, but we don't work that way over her. I'd had enough and said: "you know what, I've already had enough of the way you work, I'll go somewhere where they'll be happy to treat me like a damn customer and I'll be happy to pay the bill." I then pulled some cash out of my pocket, threw it on the table and we got up.

Never been treated like that in my life in a restaurant. She was damn lucky I didn't start a scene.

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People who say Justin Bieber is real music.
people over the age of 12 that reference Justin Beiber when talking about whatever music they listen to,
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I don't understand why Bieber is exceptional because for me Rihanna,Britney Spears or Selena Gomez are as bad as him.
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Idiotic Relatives.
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Yes,I agree that there might be some catchy songs from my mentioned singers but does that make them better? I think that they all are in the same category - music for masses,singing for money and their music is a commodity,not an art.Bieber isn't better or worse than they are.

Because nothing should be out of bounds.

Exactly. Like I said,I was just joking. Sorry if you didn't think it was funny.

Because it's the greatest club in the world! If there were a God, it'd support United.

I came so close to giving you neg rep for this haha
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Things that annoy me...

... Hollywood giving whooping crowds (Jerry Springer Stylee), high-fives and knuckle touching and sodding battle armour to original and much loved British ideas.
Biggest example I can think of is the recent abomination that is Sherlock Holmes.

What's next? Remaking Peter Cushing Horrors with Blade as the protagonist?
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

People saying Howard webb plays for United

And chavs

TV news casters and their inability to properly form a sentence. Most recently they keep referring to the protagonist of The Hunger Games as a "female heroine" and to George Zimmerman as Trayvon Martin's "alleged shooter" or "alleged killer."

A heroine is always female. "Heroine" is the feminine form of the word "hero" and does not need a qualifier to indicate that the subject is female.

It is a fact, not an allegation, that George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. We know this. Zimmerman has admitted to this. The allegation is that the killing was an act of murder and a hate crime.

Things that annoy me...Hmmm, but theres so much to fit.

Stupidity, Racism, Selfishness, People in general I guess haha. Overly happy people (seriously, you dont need to be happy 24/7) < they also scare the bejeezus out of me for the record.

Clowns, they just arent funny!?

People who walk around the streets/shops in their PJ's and those annoying ones with frickin rollers in their hair.

Im going to stop there, I can feel myself getting irritated thinking about the numerous other things that annoy me

Oh people who will argue that theyre right about something even though they are quite clearly wrong.

Dont misunderstand me, if im in the wrong, I will back down. Its the people who will go on and on and on thinking theyre right when, I have FACTS that prove them wrong. Sadly for me my other half is very much one of those people.

Christians that walk up to you, who don't know you, assume you're a ******* sinner (whether or not you're religious or not, I've tried both for fun) and tell you how to improve yourself. Meanwhile, within the conversation they make myriad of contradictions.