Anyone else not a fan of Steven Seagal movies?


They're a good way to waste an hour and half, but there's only so much of that guy I can take. His acting is just so cringing sometimes. I remember there was one of the movies where he started talking pretentiously about deer penis being a remedy for something. Give me a break I almost hope the bad guys win in his flicks....which by the way don't hold a candle to any Bruce Lee pictures. Steve just uses the same karate move over and

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I can't think of a single user here who is a fan.
You like that explanation? I prefer the explanation that it's a plot hole.

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I don't think I am a fan, but Under Siege is a great way to spend an hour and a half. Mostly for Busey and Tommy Lee Jones though.

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I am a huge fan of Executive Decision (1996) because...

WARNING: "Uh-Oh!" spoilers below
Steven Seagal dies about 20 minutes into the movie. I remember when I first saw this, Seagal was kind of at his height of popularity at this time, but I'd seen maybe one or two of his movies and didn't care for them. So I was like... ug, I don't mind Kurt Russell so much, but this is going to be another one of those Steven Seagal movies. When I saw Seagal get sucked out of the plane before this movie really got started, I was totally into it! To Executive Decision I've always said, "You had me at killing Steven Seagal!"

In addition to that, it's a rockin' action flick with a great cast, and the movie is politically incorrect as it actually depicts terrorist hi-jackers that are Islamic (not that anything like that could happen in real life)!

Some of his earlier movies were ok...

Hard To Kill, On Deadly Ground, Fire Down Below and Out For Justice are watchable but formulaic action fluff...

Under Siege is by far his best movie and probably one of the best actioners of the 1990s... the sequel was another bog-standard actioner though.

Everything else is just garbage.
Seagal is a victim of his own success though. He made it big with Under Siege, and by all accounts he's a total prick to everyone he works with.
The guy is also incredibly vain. I mean, look at his movies. Never gets injured, the women are always models... and his hair... lololol!
When it comes to undeserved ego and vanity, he's like Van Damme on steroids.

I only own 2 of his films personally. Under Siege and Under Siege 2.
The only reason I own the sequel is that it's in a box set with the first one

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Oh yeah, I just remembered that Under Siege made the "top 100 action movies" countdown a while back. Still have to watch it from start to finish.

The only one of his I've seen is Hard to Kill, which wasn't completely devoid of entertainment ("the BLOOD bank") but yeah, the guy has always been a clown.

I've only seen two of his films...I've seen Executive Decision, but he was only in about ten minutes of the movie...I can't even remember the other one I saw that's how memorable it was.

Think i've seen at least ten Seagal films but i really can't tell any of them apart. The ones i've seen at least all feel the exact same even if the plots are wildly different (they rarely are), they all blend together. Blandest of the big cheesy action stars.