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why is Trump wasting his time tweeting about how crap SNL is? he's about the be the president for crying aloud. he sounds like a 12 year old on xbox live with some of this shet.

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why is Trump wasting his time tweeting about how crap SNL is? he's about the be the president for crying aloud. he sounds like a 12 year old on xbox live with some of this shet.
Lord knows, but this is a man who potentially ruined 40 years of diplomatic relations with China in a single phone call.

I actually find Alec Baldwin hilarious as Trump though, just imagine the tweets if Baldwin is nominated for an Emmy

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D-S-A! D-S-A!

Nah, doesn't have the same ring to it. Good.
You like that explanation? I prefer the explanation that it's a plot hole.

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Trump chooses pro wrestling magnate Linda McMahon to head SBA

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday he will nominate professional wrestling magnate and former Senate candidate Linda McMahon as his choice to head the Small Business Administration.

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Electoral College meets amid effort to deny Trump presidency

Republican electors say they have been deluged with emails, phone calls and letters urging them not to support Trump. Many of the emails are part of coordinated campaigns.

"The letters are actually quite sad," said Lee Green, a Republican elector from North Carolina. "They are generally freaked out. They honestly believe the propaganda. They believe our nation is being taken over by a dark and malevolent force."

In addition to thousands of emails, Republican elector Charlie Buckels of Louisiana said he received a FedEx package with a 50-page document that the sender said "had absolute proof that the Russians hacked the elections."

"From the tenor of these emails, you would think these people are curled up in a corner in a fetal position with a thumb in their mouth," Buckels said.

Trump's right about the Stein recount thing, at least. Definitely a scam.
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I like this cartoon...

The victory of Donald Trump surprised virtually all political observers. Many since have focused on Trump’s record-high 39 percent margin among whites without a college degree. Few have focused on what this means: Trump — and the Republican party — owe the presidency to millions of whites who have largely voted Democratic for years. The implications of that for the future of the Republican party are immense.

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Social conservatives often think that their policies are the way to reach out to these voters and bring them into the GOP coalition, but that’s a mistake. These voters are not motivated by social issues; they are, as the conservative Canadian political analyst Patrick Muttart says, “morally moderate.” They will go along with candidates of the Left or the Right who hold their party’s consensus views on abortion, gender identity, or marriage so long as they do not make those views their priority. Donald Trump’s lack of a firm grounding in traditional Republican social policy was, for these voters, a plus, as it signaled to them that advancing the Evangelical Christian social agenda would not be high on his agenda.

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Since some of the Trumpets like to troll the other thread about Trump, you know the one with facts being discussed, I figure Ill give this thread the news clips too.


U.S. taxpayers may end up paying for Trump’s border wall with Mexico

President-elect Donald Trump may ask Congress for American tax dollars to pay for a border wall with Mexico, breaking a major campaign promise, according to multiple reports late Thursday.

Making Mexico pay for a wall to stop the flow of smuggled drugs and illegal immigrants was a centerpiece of Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Mexico will pay for the wall,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Phoenix on Aug. 31. “Believe me. 100%. They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to pay for the wall.”

Critics have assailed the wall as being unrealistic, expensive and impractical.

According to CNN and the Associated Press, Trump’s transition team has spoken with Republican Congressional leaders about the possibility of funding the wall through the appropriations process, using the authority of a law passed in 2006 under the Bush administration to build fencing along the border. Doing so would avoid having to pass a new border-wall bill, which would likely face heavy opposition by Democrats and many Republicans.

“By funding the authorization that’s already happened a decade ago, we could start the process of meeting Mr. Trump’s campaign pledge to secure the border,” Rep. Luke Messer, R-Indiana, told CNN on Thursday.

Placing the controversial funding measure into an existing spending bill could force a budget showdown with Democrats, who could threaten to shut down the government rather than approve the bill. That could be a politically fraught stance for many Democrats, especially those, such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, who supported the bill in 2006.

“If tied to the rest of government funding, it’s much harder for the Democrats to stop, and by the way, I think it’s much harder for Democrats to vote against it if what you’re doing is authorizing funding for an existing law,” Messer later told Politico.

However, if the 2006 law does end up paying for a new border barrier, it will more likely be an upgraded fence, not the enormous concrete wall that Trump touted during his campaign. Experts have said a wall that Trump has described, rising 40 feet and spanning almost 2,000 miles of rugged terrain, would cost tens of billions of dollars to build.

From EcoWatch....

Q. Noam, the unthinkable has happened: In contrast to all forecasts, Donald Trump scored a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton, and the man that Michael Moore described as a "wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full-time sociopath" will be the next president of the U.S. In your view, what were the deciding factors that led American voters to produce the biggest upset in the history of U.S. politics?

A. Noam Chomsky

Before turning to this question, I think it is important to spend a few moments pondering just what happened on Nov. 8, a date that might turn out to be one of the most important in human history, depending on how we react.

No exaggeration.

The most important news of Nov. 8 was barely noted, a fact of some significance in itself.

On Nov. 8, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) delivered a report at the international conference on climate change in Morocco (COP22) which was called in order to carry forward the Paris agreement of COP21. The WMO reported that the past five years were the hottest on record. It reported rising sea levels, soon to increase as a result of the unexpectedly rapid melting of polar ice, most ominously the huge Antarctic glaciers. Already, Arctic sea ice over the past five years is 28 percent below the average of the previous 29 years, not only raising sea levels, but also reducing the cooling effect of polar ice reflection of solar rays, thereby accelerating the grim effects of global warming. The WMO reported further that temperatures are approaching dangerously close to the goal established by COP21, along with other dire reports and forecasts.

Another event took place on Nov. 8, which also may turn out to be of unusual historical significance for reasons that, once again, were barely noted.

On Nov. 8, the most powerful country in world history, which will set its stamp on what comes next, had an election. The outcome placed total control of the government—executive, Congress, the Supreme Court—in the hands of the Republican Party, which has become the most dangerous organization in world history.

Apart from the last phrase, all of this is uncontroversial. The last phrase may seem outlandish, even outrageous. But is it? The facts suggest otherwise. The party is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life. There is no historical precedent for such a stand.

Is this an exaggeration? Consider what we have just been witnessing.

During the Republican primaries, every candidate denied that what is happening is happening—with the exception of the sensible moderates, like Jeb Bush, who said it's all uncertain, but we don't have to do anything because we're producing more natural gas, thanks to fracking. Or John Kasich, who agreed that global warming is taking place, but added that "we are going to burn [coal] in Ohio and we are not going to apologize for it."

The winning candidate, now the president-elect, calls for rapid increase in use of fossil fuels, including coal; dismantling of regulations; rejection of help to developing countries that are seeking to move to sustainable energy; and in general, racing to the cliff as fast as possible.

Trump has already taken steps to dismantle the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by placing in charge of the EPA transition a notorious (and proud) climate change denier, Myron Ebell. Trump's top adviser on energy, billionaire oil executive Harold Hamm, announced his expectations, which were predictable: dismantling regulations, tax cuts for the industry (and the wealthy and corporate sector generally), more fossil fuel production, lifting Obama's temporary block on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The market reacted quickly. Shares in energy corporations boomed, including the world's largest coal miner, Peabody Energy, which had filed for bankruptcy, but after Trump's victory, registered a 50 percent gain.

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12 DAYS.


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Eh, maybe. It's pretty clear BuzzFeed acted irresponsibly by posting something they hadn't verified, and which in fact no one seems able to verify right now. And overreaching just provides a ready-made excuse to dodge the issue, allowing him to talk about journalistic protocols instead of facts.

That said, if any Trump supporters are mad about serious accusations without verification, they can show me evidence of how outraged they were when Trump accused Ted Cruz's father of helping to assassinate JFK, or when he floated a dozen other conspiracy theories.

Was wondering why this hadn't been mentioned here yet. Eh.. well nothings been confirmed as Yoda said, i saw something on another site that claimed it was a 4 chan hoax but i was just scanning through didn't look into it. It's all nuts anyway.

The 4chan stuff seems like nonsense. They claim they leaked it to Rick Wilson (Trump supporters hate him, because he was critical of Trump, naturally). Wilson categorically says otherwise, and basically proved it by saying that if he was the source, he relinquished any claim to anonymity, so BuzzFeed would be free to identify him as such. Maybe they would and maybe they wouldn't, but for anyone not engaged in willful reasoning, that should settle it. And if that part isn't true, there isn't much reason to think the rest is.

I guess I'm the only one who who's not amused by the whole thing, now that I'm learning a little more about it. And Buzzfeed is trash. Of course they are significantly less trashy than, say, The National Enquirer, and Trump thinks they should win the Pulitzer Prize.

I may go back to hating you. It was more fun.