What is this movie with a disturbing scene?


I don't think I have it logged on the forum because I believe I only saw bits and pieces.

I remember nothing about the film until the scene that I believe to be the end.

Don't know the language but I think it's not Asian because I believe the cast was white. I would guess European or an independent American film.

I watched it about 5-7 years ago and I'm confident that it's newer than the 80's.

It's not mainstream, probably not well known, but competently made.

The scene at the end or near the end takes place in a room, I think like a living room, and I think it was well lit. I think it was a nice room and that 4-7 people were dressed nice. It appeared to be some type of get together. I think there was some type of sex or nudity, possibly sexual assault, and strong violence. I remember it as happening out of the blue and being quite shocking. I am a fan of A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust, Baise Moi, etc., but I remember being bothered by this scene.

I don't think it's a horror film, but rather a drama or a true crime type of film.

Thank you!

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There is a slight chance it's The Invitation 2015
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There is a slight chance it's The Invitation 2015
Good guess but this movie is not that well known and the scene is much more brutal and shocking.