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Okay, am I the only one who got suckered into thinking the ads for "Lucky SLevin" were for some sort of sequel to "Se7en"? I mean, the similar sounding name, the seven inside the name, and Morgan Freeman. I mean, c'mon....

And yet, apparently it's nothing of the kind ... unless Freeman's character went insane in the interim.

Did anyone else think, in essence, "Whaaa?"

Assuming they're totally unrelated, it's hard not to be miffed that they're trying to piggyback off the success and clout of "Se7en."

So there.

What Se7en does well is delivers many thrills and shocks, but we do not see anybody geting killed, all we see is the grizzly after effects. But we feel as if we did witness the crimes in all there horror.

Especially for the 'Lust' killing... that scene freaked me out when the guy described what he had to do... gastly.
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Originally Posted by Ladies Man
Especially for the 'Lust' killing... that scene freaked me out when the guy described what he had to do... gastly.
Ladies man, I got a feeling that when the guy did describe this, you looked just as you did in your avatar......if that is you of course.

Originally Posted by Austruck
As long as that's not YOU in YOURS.
You "WISH" it were not me.

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Se7en is a fantastic film, well written, directed and acted, surely one of the better thrillers to come out of Hollywood in the last few decades.
I'm a huge fan of David Fincher, but for me what makes Se7en stand out is the clever way all the murders are described rather than shown,I think Fincher was aware that peoples imagination would create far gorier scenes in their minds than anything he could show on screen.
One of the few films that lived up to the hype.
P.S. What was in the box?????
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Saw this one again today. It's without a doubt one of the absolute best films of the 1990's and one of my favourite films overall.
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Originally Posted by Darth Stujitzu
P.S. What was in the box?????
You better be kidding me? Well you probably did know it was Paltrows head (The Wife of Mills!)

Who am I kiding... you do know, and I fell for it... haha. And yes that is me in the photo thank you very much... and that was right after Escape burst through the door, and just before he killed me!

[quote=Ladies Man]You better be kidding me? Well you probably did know it was Paltrows head (The Wife of Mills!)

I am kinda praying this is a joke as well...such a great movie. Such a sick and twisted ending as well. What would you have done to him if you were Mills after you found out what was in the box??

A movie stuck in my memory forever.

All I have to say about Se7en is excellent. Kevin Spacy at his best, Morgon Freeman in a comfortable role and Brad Pitt showing us what he sparked in those few moments in Thelma & Louise.

As Yoda says in the second post of the thread, there's two threads for this movie in the Review section. I'll post my review in this one because it's the newer one, and if an administrator like, puts them together or something, it winds up a neat little pile.

I'll join a years old discussion.
yea no doubt....but still even when i rewatch i fail to pick up on his voice..are you sure its his?
After rewatching it, it's clear that it's the actor who plays the killer, doing an accent and a different tone, I can tell. But no, even if you knew the actor beforehand, without knowing it was him, you wouldn't realize it. That was my case at least.

What Se7en does well is delivers many thrills and shocks, but we do not see anybody geting killed, all we see is the grizzly after effects. But we feel as if we did witness the crimes in all there horror.

Especially for the 'Lust' killing... that scene freaked me out when the guy described what he had to do... gastly.
Exactly. All of them are horrible, but the one that shocked me the most is definitely the Lust kill, just seeing the murder weapon and the guy's reaction, oh man...

Anyways, review down here.

"Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light."
John Milton

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for." This movie sets out to prove him wrong.

So, yeah, this is me (sort of) reviewing one of the darkest, most cynical movies out there. It's also one of my favorite movies. A dark, gritty, suspenseful thriller that takes a look at the worst humanity has to show. Wikipedia calls it a thriller, but there's only a couple "action" scenes, they are short, and are played realistically. I guess it's still the best categorization you can give it; but it also has a Noir look to it, and quite a few very real shock horror elements.

The film takes place in a unnamed, wet, dirty metropolis. We're introduced to our main characters, Det. William Somerset (Morgan Freeman just never fails), a pensive, cynical, tired man who has decided to retire, having had more than enough of the apathetic society he's been living in most of his life; and his replacement, Det. David Mills (played by Brad Pitt), a young, cocky hero wannabe that specifically requested to work in this gutter of a city. It's Somerset job to train Mills for the duration of this last week before his retirement.

In their first day together, they're sent to check out a pretty f****d up murder scene: an enormous, morbidly obese man is tied to a chair, 'sitting in his own **** a piss' as the police officer on location describes it, face down in a plate of pasta, and a vomit filled bucket under the table. Now, that's a nice test to know if you want to watch this movie. It's not as graphic as many things you can find, but the way Fincher filmed it, the effect is possibly worse. They give you a peek, and then your brains cook it up. You can't compare one kill to the other because they're all horryfying, but as I said before, the one that kicked me in the gut harder was actually not shown at all, just showed the tool, and I was cold.

The coroner would later rule that his stomach ripped open at some point. A gun was pressed against his head. 'Eat, or get your brains blown out,' explains Somerset to the Captain. The next day gets only worse when a high profile attorney is found dead in his office. Apparently, he stayed there the whole weekend. Bound, with one free arm, he was handed a butcher's knife. '"One pound of flesh, no more, no less. No cartilage, no bone, but only flesh." Merchant of Venice.' And the word "Greed" written in blood. When the word "Gluttony" is found written in grease behind the fridge in the fat guy's apartament, Somerset figures he'll have five more murders in his hands.

The killer shows up only in the last half hour of this 127 minutes film. And during his time, he dominates it. The actor who plays him was left out of the posters and opening credits on purpose, and even though if the movie is 18 years old, there's always people who haven't watched it, so just in case I'm not mentioning his name. It's not exactly a big reveal or anything like that, but it's nice to let the imagination do it's thing, and then find out. He's a well known actor, a pretty good one, and the part fits him like a glove.

'What sick ridiculous puppets we are, and what gross little stage we dance on. What fun we have dancing and ****ing, not a care in the world, not knowing that we are nothing, we are not what was intended.' John Doe

I'll say this movie's ending is one of the best I've seen. Ebert, THE ONE AND ONLY, didn't like how they wrapped it up. But here I am saying it's great. When the producers started talking about changing it, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman both apparently said, "if you change it, we're out." They got their way, and thank god, because it's the perfect ending.

The question that the film poses is: are people worth fighting for? Somerset is lead to believe by experience that the world is **** and can't be saved. Mills on the other hand, thinks he's going to change the world.

Somerset: 'We're collecting all the evidence, taking all the pictures and samples, writing everything down, noting the time things happen, (...) Putting everything into neat little piles and filing it away on the off chance it will ever be needed in the courtroom. Picking up diamonds on a deserted island, saving them in case we get rescued.'

Mills: 'You want me to agree with you, and you want me to say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're right. It's all ****ed up. It's a ****ing mess. We should all go live in a ****ing log cabin." But I won't. I won't say that. I don't agree with you. I do not. I can't.'

And with all the horror and cynicism, I think is a great movie. I absolutely recommend it. It's awesome, would be somewhere in my list. It just drains all of your faith in humanity, but hey, don't p***y out on me now, to hell with it right?

Finished here. It's been fun.
Excellent film. The art style is very dark,atmospheric noir. One of the best films of the 90's.

Well,Se7en for me is a special movie mainly because I like it and in a way dislike at the same time.When I watch it,it's great,love Spacey in this and the story is captivating.It has everything that I like in a "serial killer film" - some kind of a message,suspense,acting,story,cinematography matches the mood of the film.
However,I think Freeman and Pitt's characters are quite weak because they are so predictable.They are just so cliche.Lots of people who saw Se7en for the first time guessed the ending before it was obvious,so I'd say that there's something wrong with the film.
I just recently realized that it's characters for me who flaw this movie because I never understood what's wrong.I just can't place it to classic films or my all time favorites.It was quite low on my top 100 list although I gave it a
at the time.

The storyline is quite straightforward and at first I always thought the ending was somewhat simple, predictable and 'easy'. But it is terrific when it comes to creating a dark atmosphere, and Spacey is great in it, I would say actually that my appreciation has grown with repeat viewings.