Movie about cartoon scenarist.


Hello guys, need some help.. .I watched about 5-6years ago movie about cartoon scenarist. Story line, he decide to make certain changes in his life. Breaking up with his GF, start living alone chasing his passion. I am not sure, but I believe it was German movie. If anyone can help, thanks and happy New Year. Cheers!

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A little more info needed. Can you make an estimate of what decade this film was made in? Also, would you describe it as being a comedy?...drama? All clues help.

Uhhh, I believe something like 2012- 2015. It is more like a drama, not comedy really... Main actor is narrating the whole movie in first person. I remember some details and scenes from movie, like he explaining the flow of the cartoons he is writing and he meets other girl in some gallery, and it turns out she is an artist.

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When you say 'scenarist', does that mean like a story-board artist?...or more like a screenwriter type role perhaps?

I might be way off with this one but there is the movie 'American Splendor' (2003) - a film about Harvey Pekar (a real-life dude) who is involved in the world of comic book art. The movie features some narration by the lead character too -- here's the trailer:

Guys, thanks for posting your responses. Unfortunately, it wasn't any of the movies you suggested. Let me try to provide more details on this. Guy living with his GF, find out he is passionate about creating the animated movies-cartoons. He also explains details about the creating process in one part of the movie, like spikes in story telliblng. He also decides to move on, leaving her and moving to small apartment without any furniture,and he start to work on his passion, he also meet some random girls, and he fall in love with artist girl, way younger than him. On the end he try to go back to his ex and she found already someone new and she is engeded, panic attack hit main character and movie ends as I remember lol. Not sure if these details will be helpful, if someone knows the similar movie feel free to share it here. Thanks for your help

well, I have great news guys I finally found it!Title is:Sandheden om mænd)or Truth about men, anyway.. it is Danish not German movie, and I made a mistake giving you the wrong year.(it was a long time ago when I watched this).Thanks anyway for your help!