Re-Write a Movie Ending


Harry Potter

Harry walks into the Forbidden Forest to face his death by Voldemort. As he gets struck by the Killing Curse, Harry Potter wakes up from his dream to realize he was never a wizard, never went to Hogwarts, and never left the cupboard under the stairs.

Sorry if I just sent you into serious depression.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."


They all get drafted to Nam and get murdered.
I love when certain movies bring up the cast of characters one by one at the end and say what happened to them (I don't remember if Grease did this or not).

So I imagining your scenario with photos from the movie and then photos (of the guys anyway) in military fatigues, with their fate listed below. And they'd have to do the girls too.

Rizzo: Attended one year of community college, married Keneckie, had one child together, then divorced a year later. She then married Sonny, had 4 children and was widowed in 1969 when Sonny was killed in Pyongyang. Rizzo gained 316 lbs and is waited on by her 3 adult children who still live at home.