MoFo Fantasy Football 2018 - The Regular Season


Don't make me code this. I'll do it.

Hey, if it puts a smile on your face it's probably worth it.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

I don't know who you chose but I'm pretty sure you picked the wrong guy.

You are correct sir! Breida already with 12.60 and Ajayi with... i'm not sure if he's even playing.

Edit: Breida being helped off the field just after posting. Pffffft!!! Yikes.So many injuries in football. I just don't believe this sport is sustainable any more.

Cripes, TONGO's probably gonna become just the second team in league history to break 200. And I'm pretty sure the only other one did it while we had full PPR!
Update: he did not break 200, but if you adjust to full PPR (which was what we had in 2009 when PW set the record), TONGO's score is, in fact, higher. So, adjusted for settings, that's probably the best week in league history.

Crazier still: he got zero from Sammy Watkins (not hurt, just one target, no catches) and somehow still put up that insane total. He could've had another 12 from Frank Gore, who was on the bench.

Other than Watkins he had six skill players (RB/WR/TE), and all of them scored over 20 points. He only got 7 from his defense, too! That's pretty average, but it's really weird to see a total this high without the defense scoring a couple defensive TDs and throwing up 20 themselves, nevermind combined with a goose egg at another position.

Wild stuff.

Fantasy sports--football, in particular--makes way more sense when you start viewing all your choices as a series of probabilities. When you think "this guy has a 66% chance of scoring more points than this guy," and just expect to be wrong a third of the time and wait for it to even out, it gets (slightly) less maddening and random-seeming.

It's just like poker, getting your money in with the best hand. You'll still lose. You'll still lose regularly. You just won't usually lose.

I am happy if i can just field a team every week. You know? It's crazy how quickly these guys go out. Usually in the first or second quarter. Makes ya crazy ya can't switch em out.

what site do you do fantasy through?
Oh my god. They're trying to claim another young victim with the foreign films.

Me: "I'm gonna sit Jeffrey because I have lots of good options, and I think he'll be TD dependent."

*Jeffrey scores two TDs*

Me: "Well...technically I was right."

I thought it was pretty good. Occasionally more vulgar than funny, but often both. Lots of really funny people involved that I'm pretty sure were improvising a lot of it, too. I think I liked it more as it went on, as well. Too gimmicky in the early seasons.

I've been playing fantasy football for a long time, and I don't think I've ever had a defense get me as many points as Denver did tonight.

Yikes... the Sony Michel injury looked really bad. May have just lost another player for the year. In the first quarter. I may be whining a little bit here, but my ratio of guys that I have lost for the year in the first half of games is by far the highest in this league. I have no evidence whatsoever to back up this claim. I just know its true.

Looking to move a receiver for an RB. I've got three #1 wideouts in Jeffrey, Sanders, and Brown. Not totally averse to moving Brown but obviously the ask is bigger.

Sanders is #3 among receivers this year, and Jeffrey would be #4 if you prorate the games he missed to start the year, just in case people don't realize how ridiculous they've both been.