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Horror fans may have the best chance of recognizing him as he co-starred in three well known flicks of that genre. He was also in a popular '80s comedy, as well as an overwrought teen drama that is probably best known today for a song that was written for it more than the movie itself.

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Keith Gordon?
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Yes, Keith Gordon, who starred in Christine, Dressed to Kill, and Jaws 2 as well as the Rodney Dangerfield low classic Back to School. The overwrought teen flick was The Legend of Billie Jean which featured the Pat Benatar song "Invincible". He moved into the director's chair for The Chocolate War, A Midnight Clear, Waking the Dead, and the Kurt Vonnegut adaptation Mother Night. Recently he has turned to helming series television including "Fargo", "Homeland", and "The Leftovers".

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

Like our previous actor, Keith Gordon, this guy appeared in a few 80's films, including one major one that also featured a young Robert Downey Jr. and even starred in one directed by our last actor. He retired from acting to become a teacher, but makes the occasional appearance like the one shown here.

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His film credits include The Perfect Score, Prime, Noble Son, and Friends with Benefits. He has also had recurring roles on the TV series One Tree Hill and October Road.

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