My review for Thor 3: Needed more Hela.

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First real review of a movie and new user, I'll go ahead and try to keep things brief.

I saw Thor 3 late last night and while I certainly enjoyed it, I probably did not enjoy it as much as the internet and other movie critics want me to.

Far and away my favorite part of the movie was the villain, Hela, played by Kate Blanchett. I grew up with the MCU, and the biggest issue with the MCU that I regularly acknowledge and bitch about myself is the lack of powerful villains in the movies that the heroes face up against. All the villains in the MCU have become anti-heroes (Loki, Winter Soldier), were not memorable to begin with (Yellow Jacket, whoever Mickey Rourke played in Iron Man 2) or have been killed off (Red Skull, Crossbones, Ultron, both Guardians of the Galaxies villains). The only true villain that we've seen last more than one movie is now Thanos, who we havent even seen in a fight yet nor spend more than 5 minutes on the big screen itself.

Thor 3 gave us a really great villain in Hela, the Goddess of death itself that is increidbly difficult to kill. The fact that Thor had to team up with his own team of avengers stands as a testament to how powerful of a villain she is, and the backstory and cunning she displays in the movie shows how Hela is a great villain in general.

How the movie resolves the main issue of the movie (Hela) left me pretty let down and disappointed, even though literally everything else in the movie was beautiful. The first act wastes almost no time concerning itself with past marvel movies and hits the ground running, and from that point on even well into the final act I was locked into the screen and the action as it went down. The plot was interesting to say the least, the effects were great, the cast and characters were excellent thanks in part to Hela, and the only superhero movie that had better performances were those seen in Logan by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

This movie is certainly the best Thor movie we've ever had, probably the best Hulk movie we will have for a while, and on its own it is a good movie in of itself. The only thing I didnt like with the movie though was its very ending, which I dont want to spoil for anyone who hasnt seen the movie yet since it was released in the US only yesterday.

Final rating:

Plot/Writing = A-
Cast/Characters = A
Editing/Effects = A-
Overall Satisfaction = B+

Final Grade = A-

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ADMIN NOTE: language.

Thank you all for reading!

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I would have liked more Hela, but the movie didn't suffer from the lack of it. I don't really see much else she could have done with more screen time.

Skurge, Skrul...whatever. Judge Dredd was the character that was padding. I don't see the point of her having a minion, who never did anything significantly bad, to have a hero redemption at the end so they can write him out of the universe.

They telegraphed that character arc so hard that I saw it coming from a mile away. It would have been more interesting if they showed him genuinely accepting his role as #2 behind Hela prior to the redemption, or by having him pretend to accept the role but then betray Hela at the earliest convenience. Instead they picked an incredibly boring and predictable route for him to take when they could have made his elimination far more brutal or at least impactful with just a few minor tweaks to his arc