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How big would digital resolution go, before it outsizes 35mm film?


The new framerate thing has been around for ages.
It's one of the reasons The Hobbit got screwed up. Jackson's cameras were using a high frame rate, and it messed up the aesthetic of the movies.

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Oh okay, but no one else besides Jackson is actually taking this new framerate seriously though, and it won't become a thing, will it?

I mean if wanted to shoot slow motion on 240fps, you would have to shoot at around 720 fps, or if you wanted it really slow, you would have to shoot at around 1200 fps. You would need so much more light for that, it will be ridiculous and hard for the cast and crew to see.

So would they really take 240fps seriously therefore?

I'm surprised since The Hobbit movies got such negative responses to the high shutter speed, everyone saying it looks like a soap opera, and comments like that. You think other filmmakers would be turned off by comments like that.

Anyways, I love my 4K Blu-rays, but the resolution plays a smaller part. It’s more the HDR that’s amazing. For every film lover out there should really experience properly calibrated 4K content of older films. Movies have never come closer to looking and feeling like actual film prints being shown on your tv screen. So cinematic and so beautiful.

Well it seems that if we move to 8K TVs later, that filmmakers who still want to shoot on film will have to move up to shooting on 70mm film, more than 35mm to keep up.