"The drama project ďManifestĒ from Jeff Rake and Robert Zemeckis has been ordered to pilot at NBC, Variety has learned.

In the series, described as a mystery thriller, a plane disappears from radar and returns years later after being untraceable and presumed lost at sea. No time has passed for those on the plane, but for their loved ones at home, many years have gone by. The series follows their personal lives as well as the larger mystery and purpose that is their destiny.

Rake will executive produce and write. Zemeckis will executive produces through his Compari Entertainment banner. Compariís Jack Rapke will also executive produce, while Compariís Jackie Levine will co-executive produce. Compari will produce in association with Warner Bros. Television, where Zemeckis is set up under an overall deal. The project received a put pilot commitment at the network in August."

"""" Hulk Smashhhh."""
Just started this a couple of weeks ago. It’s like a budget Lost.
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"Banshee is the greatest thing ever. "

Watched the first 3 eps last night. It's an engaging story, sort of sci-fi supernatural drama, which catches one's interest a little like Stranger Things did.

To my taste there's too much of the soap opera in it: sensitivity, caring, feelings, touchy-feely, and all the rest. But I suppose that's what Hollywood television is pushing today.

There are 16 eps, and it has been green lighted for a 2nd season. It'll be interesting to see where the story goes...


Wife and I watched most of the first season, but couldn't finish it. A little too formulaic, too much padding. We read a summary of the rest of the season after and it made us confident we'd made the right choice.

We might give it another shot because it's not unusual for a show to kind of reset and find its bearings, granted it's probably pretty rare for a show like this, specifically.