Is It Best To Watch Movies Alone?


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A first viewing anyway.. I would say yes, for me, anyway. I'm easily distracted with another person, and there's always going to be a tiny bit of talking, and maybe extra pausing. I think I'd miss more.

However, I wish I was around during the 1930-70s to see some of my favorites with an audience on the day a movie premiered to catch the audience response. The last few times I went to a theater, it was noisy, cell phones, husbands explaining a movie to their wife, programmed laughter, domino effect.

I see "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and if I could, it would be cool to see who would show up, and then observe the behavior. I hope some younger people check it out on the bigger screen.

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I prefer watching a film by myself with my phone off. In a group I can't concentrate.
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Most of the time I don't have a choice. In any case, it depends on the movie - if it's a more contemplative kind of movie then maybe everyone keeps quiet and processes it, but if it's more of a fun watch then interaction is permissible (this obviously only applies to home viewings - no talking at theatres).
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It depends on the movie and it depends on the company. It's not a one size fits all thing.

If a movie is highly emotional, I prefer to watch alone. If it's something light-hearted, then watching with other people can actually enhance my experience because their enjoyment can influence mine. That said, of course, if someone is going to insist on talking during the movie (especially if they ask questions during a movie neither of us have seen before) then I'd rather they not be there.

My first dates with my husband were movies, but I have no desire now to watch a movie with anyone. I like to be alone.
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I absolutely agree with you. I prefer watching films alone. I don't like interruptions.

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It varies. It can both be fun to watch in group and annoying. It's distracting when they keep talking about unrelated things or ask questions all the time. For the most part I am able to focus on the movie anyway since I'm very determined to enjoy it, but I tend to pick the more cerebral films in these cases and save the quieter emotional affairs for myself.

Watching with one friend usually works. The talking isn't as constant, and seeing the other person's reactions can even add to the experience. My favorite type of movie to watch here is horror, though pretty much any genre will do. Action is also a good choice, especially a really over-the-top action movie full of one-liners (I used to watch Arnold flicks with someone all the time)

Depends on how I'm watching it together. I often watch movies online with people, in which case it's difficult to be talking to them and paying attention to the movie at the same time; but it's usually more fun. That said, an alone watch makes me feel a deeper personal connection to the movie, so I usually choose action/comedy/etc. for my group watches.
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I prefer to watch movies alone. That way, if I have to get up in the middle of it for any reason, I don't have to worry about disturbing anyone else. I sometimes watch movies with a couple people, and those experiences usually go well, but there's still the possibility the crowd I'm watching the film with can be disruptive. I'm also not a fan of theaters since it often comes down to "Hopefully, nobody from this crowd will be disruptive."

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It depends on the movie.

If I'm watching a comedy or an action movie, it's usually more fun to watch with other people, but if I'm watching a drama, especially if it's an emotional movie, I prefer to watch the movie alone.
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Depends. If it's a scary movie, yes, otherwise no. Scary movies are special because of the suspension of disbelief, lubricated by beer, that's necessary for these.

Depends on the movie and the crowd. I would say genre fare generally is more conducive to seeing with a group, and there's definitely been cases where that's enhanced my experience (seeing an audience stunned into silence and then burst into applause during a showing of The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter was a hell of a thing). I've been fairly lucky in that most of the theatre audiences I've seen movies with have been appreciative or at least respectful of the setting, so seeing them in such a setting has rarely detracted from my experience.

It depends, on the kind of film and the audience themselves. but I do lean toward non communal stuff.
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yes i always watch a movie by myself with my 2 kittys who i adore very much and at the cinemas with my friends
My 2 kitties watch with me. They sometimes are frightened by loud sounds in the movies, but, altogether, we have a nice time.