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To Catch a Thief 1955 Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

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Snooze factor = Z

Snooze factor = Zz

Snooze factor = Z

Snooze factor = Z

[Snooze Factor Ratings]:
Z = didn't nod off at all
Zz = nearly nodded off but managed to stay alert
Zzz = nodded off and missed some of the film but went back to watch what I missed
Zzzz = nodded off and missed some of the film but went back to watch what I missed but nodded off again at the same point and therefore needed to go back a number of times before I got through it...
Zzzzz = nodded off and missed some or the rest of the film but was not interested enough to go back over it
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Flesh And The Devil (Clarence Brown, 1926)

A tale of jewellery and duellery, and boy! was that Garbo some piece of ass work
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This movie is stupid and predictable and most of the acting is dreadful, but Tom Hanks is so freaking funny in this movie he makes it worth a look if you've never seen it.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino, 2019)

My review - http://screen-hopping.co.uk/film-rev...-in-hollywood/

Get Shorty (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1995)

Very cool film, flies by at a non-stop pace. John Travolta and Gene Hackman are great. But there is pretty much nothing in terms of interesting direction, I just kept thinking, "what if Quentin Tarantino directed this?".

Fascinating HBO documentary from 2015. Tragic & fentanyl wasnít even around much at that time. Much worse now.

Terrific movie. Really enjoyed it.
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RockNRolla (2008) - 6.5/10. Not quite the same like other Guy Ritchie movies. Still has it's moments. Liked it, but not "enjoyed" it.
My Favorite Films

Burning (2018) - 9/10

This film blew me away on a handful of fronts. I think Lee did a great job at effectively conveying the emotions of the characters. This was conveyed by a number of stylistic strategies such as the camera placement, the set design, and the acting. For instance, take Jong-su's jealousy of Ben in the first half. Several sequences featuring Jong-su remaining silent as Ben and Hae-mi continue to chat and get to know each other around him, his various glances and remarks at the two which effortlessly capture subtle, yet firm expressions of alienation and melancholy, and all kinds of visual details which demonstrate how Ben is everything which Jong-su isn't succeed in getting under your skin far better than any direct statement of his jealousy would've been able to accomplish. Around the halfway point though, Ben confesses something to Jong-su which sends the film in a whole new direction (a change which is telegraphed to us by an abrupt and completely silent scene). This direction adds a consistent layer of slow burning suspense to the film which characterizes the rest of it. Throughout this part of the film, many indications that something is up are given to us as it goes on. In addition, Lee also makes us second guess a couple other details brought up earlier in the film which we believed to be true. As much as we (and Jong-su for that matter) hope to receive a definitive answer though, Lee refuses to supply us with one. He chooses to leave us hanging with a shred of doubt that we wish to see satisfied throughout the second half. Since the film is told from the point of view of Jong-su though, we go along and side with him. Does he do the right thing at the end though? The shred of doubt we've had throughout is what makes the payoff so effective. Once the credits roll, you can't stop thinking about what you've just seen.

❤️Grey's Anatomy And Johnny Depp & Station 19❤️
seen this movie 18 times and one of my favorite childhood movies. Anastasia (1997) 10/10
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Ready or Not
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After all, horror is usually concerned in some way with death, and romance is concerned with love, but love and death and how one is bound up in the other is the very essence of gothic.

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The Fighter (2010)


Strange it took me so long to see this when I knew I'd love it. I won't consider it a huge favorite because it's not as heavy as I thought it might have been. Great job capturing the characters and the time and place; unfortunately I know Lowell well enough. Excellent cast, especially Christian Bale who is as good as ever. Even Marky Mark was solid as he's not asked to stretch himself. Awesome soundtrack.