The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon film adaptation


"Stephen King’s novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is heading to the screen.

Chris Romero, the former wife of late horror filmmaker George A. Romero, is teaming up with It producer Roy Lee and Jon Berg of Vertigo Films as well as Ryan Silbert of Origin Story to produce a film adaptation of the 1999 novel.

Tom Gordon tells of a young girl named Trisha McFarland who gets lost while hiking with her recently divorced mother and brother in the woods. Nine years old and scared of the dark, the girl winds up stumbling through the woods for nine days, wandering farther and farther from civilization even as she tries to make her way back home. As she walks, dehydration, hunger, and exhaustion cause her to hallucinate, talking to several people, including her idol, a baseball player named Tom Gordon. But she also begins to believe that she’s being stalked by a supernatural beast known as The God of the Lost, and soon her ordeal becomes a test of both her sanity and her ability to fight for her life.

A search for a writer to tackle the script is underway.

Andrew Childs will executive produce the adaptation."

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When is this movie is gonna be available?