GQ Actor Interviews


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These videos have grown to become a favorite pasttime of mine. I love hearing actors talk about their work passionately and describe their experiences behind each film, and how they relate to the characters. The longer they are, the better they tend to be. Vanity Fair does similiar type of videos, though I think GQ do them better. The overly bright white background and skipping out on too many iconic movies is a bit of a turn-off. GQ sometimes skips important roles too, but not to the same extent. I also dislike how the editing always cuts off abruptly instead of letting the actors speak more freely. Anyway, I'm here to talk about GQ, not Vanity Fair.

They could definitely include more women though, so far they've only had Jennifer Lopez, Claire Foy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sissy Spacek.

My favorite is probably this one. Kyle MacLachlan is such a nice and wonderful guy:

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