Movie tv show quote/expression


I was watching a old show or movie

and someone is in a restaurant and says

“ this table is dirty , this spoon is filthy and there’s seems to be something floating around in my soup/ water”

In a very funny way

Any ideas anyone

It’s from a montage in Look Who's Talking.
Ha ha which part ?

It's when she's dating various men and finding something wrong with each of them. That one's from the fussy, professorial type, where she daydreams about what kind of father he might make and imagines him chastising her son for putting his socks in the dresser in the wrong place.

I can't find the clip, but it's something closer to "this fork is dirty, this glass is spotty, and there's something floating in this water." And then he tells her to check her water, or something like that. I watched it a lot growing up.