Cried after seeing a movie before? I did today


I watched Indian movie AZAAN today and couldn't hold back my tears, the movie is so emotional

Schindlers List nearly did.
The Pianist.
Million Dollar Baby.
Usually itís more of an emotion then actual tears.
Lost in Translation, Annie Hall, Once and Brokeback Mountain have all left me contemplative of stolen moments in time with the women of my life, however fleeting.
Platoon, E.T. and Saving Private Ryan have also evoked serious feels.

I'm a crier when it comes to sad movies, so there are a lot of movies that make me cry, but some of the movies that hit me the hardest were:

The Champ (1979)
Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)
P.S. I Love You (2007)
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
An Affair to Remember (1957)

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ET: The Extra Terrestrial for me every time.

Stroszek also.

Cried after seeing a movie before?

No, but there are a few movies that make me feel emotional. But mostly I don't respond to movies in a heavy emotional way. It's more like a feeling of appreciation.

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The Lion king killed me toward the beginning.

WARNING: "The Lion King" spoilers below
Baby Simba trying to wake his dead father, and putting himself under his paw gets me every time, even when just thinking back to it.

Like right now, for instance.
When women have a poet, they want a cowboy.
When they have a cowboy, they want a poet.
They'll say "I don't care if he's a poet or cowboy, so long as he's a nice guy. But oh, I'm so attracted to that bad guy over there."
Understand this last part, and you'll get them all.

There are some scenes in certain movies that always make me cry no matter how many times I watch them. The first one that always comes to mind is from Titanic... when and Rose jumps off the lifeboat and gets back on the ship and runs into Jack's arms while he smothers her in kisses and repeatedly says, "You're so stupid, Rose"...I lose it every time.

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Best of the Best is the only martial arts movie that still makes me shed a tear, especially with the final scene of the film.
Avengers: Endgame, I cried happy tears when everyone and their mothers showed up to face off against Thanos and his army; and cried sad tears in two vital scenes as well.
I just watched one over the weekend, Carol of the Bells, and I cried both sad and happy tears.
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I shed a tear in most dramas that I watch. I'm a bit of a sentimental idiot. These are ones that I completely lost the plot / ugly cried / had to stop the film / had to go and buy a box of tissues :

Manchester by the Sea
Dear Zachary
For Sama
Blue Valentine
The Broken Circle Breakdown
My Sassy Girl
Happy Together
Dancer in the Dark
Three Colours Blue

Just too many to name. But not off late to be honest.

If I just go by the litre count, I think it will be the Pianist and Pather Panchali
My Favorite Films

A few already on this page; E.T. as a kid, An Affair to Remember, Broken Circle Breakdown, Pather Panchali, and all of the dog movies.

The Green Mile is shredding my soul appart every single time I'm watching it. One of the best movie ever.
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