What do you think of The Client (1994)?

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I watched the movie but it seems that the plot didn't really hold up a lot perhaps. I have to go into spoilers:

WARNING: "SPOILERS" spoilers below
In the movie, it's never really explained why Mark decides to lie about not seeing the Clifford alive, before the suicide. Before killing himself, Clifford tells Mark about a senator that is murdered and buried.

Mark is afraid to tell the police this information because he fears he will be in danger if he does. But why? Mark is just as 11 year old, and all he heard is where some body is hidden. He doesn't know this is mafia related at this point, unless I missed something? Yet he is still afraid to talk about it. Why?

Now the FBI wants to question Mark and they come talk to him and threaten to lock him up if he doesn't tell the truth. This just gets Mark scared and gets him shut up even more, and get his own lawyer to defend him. So the FBI subpoenas him instead. But why didn't they just do this in the first place, rather than threatening to lock him up, for not talking, without lawyer present or in the presence of his mother?

Why not just subpoena him in the first place, rather than drag out the plot, with these methods that are just causing him i keep his mouth shut even more?

Another thing is, is that Mark's behavior seems inconsistent, cause he doesn't want to talk out of fear that his family and him will be in danger if he does. But realizing that he has to legally talk sooner or later, him and his lawyer decide it's best to request to be put into witness protection.

But before they decide to make that request, they decide to drive to New Orleans to find out if the body is buried where Clifford said it was. Why? Let's say Mark gets witness protection and the body is not there? So what? This will work in favor for Mark, because then if it the body is not there, it turns out Clifford's information is incorrect, and then Mark is no longer in danger from the Mafia, because he doesn't actually know where the body is then.

So why would he want to confirm if information is true, where if it turned out false, can free him from the danger he is in?* It doesn't seem to make sense to me.
Another thing is, is why isn't Mark's mother wanting to find out where he is, when he is running around town, getting himself locked up, hiding out.

The mother stays in the hospital room the entire time, which has police guards at the door already, yet she is more concerned about watching over her son that is already in the hospital and under police watch, rather than going out trying to find out where her son has disappeared to. Why is this? Especially when the press and the FBI are all over him?

Another thing is, the mob allows Mark to be alive for quite a long time, hoping he won't talk, but you think they would turn up the heat a lot more to silence him for good, yet they keep wanting more and more confirmation taking more and more risks, just by intimidation and warnings only, only to have the law try harder into getting him to talk as a result. Would the mafia really give this much latitude to a murder witness?

But other than these issues, the acting is really good and the leads do a really good job. Sarandon and Renfro have really good chemistry and make a good on screen pair. Mary-Louise Parker acted like she was high though in her character, or something was off with her, and not sure if this was intentional or not

What do you think of the movie?

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It's been awhile since I've seen it, but it was pretty good, though I think the story took a little too long to wrap up. Sarandon and Renfro were both excellent.

Yes he was.