Best James Stewart Movie


So, what's the best James Stewart movie?

I'd have to go with It's A Wonderful Life.

I also liked him in Rear Window and Vertigo.

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Easy, Vertigo. No contest.

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Didn't see it.
My all-time favorite Jimmy Stewart movies are:

Shop Around the Corner
Philadelphia Story
You Can't Take It With You
Call Northside 777
Rear Window

I'm having a hard time picking just one. Probably the best drama would be "Rear Window." Probably the best comedy would be "You Can't Take It With You."
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I think it's James Stewart but I forget the name of the film. He's a Congressman out to save a national park from development...

But all those films you mention are great .

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Ollie - ought to be mandatory for every American!

That's his second best IMO - behind It's A Wonderful Life, which is the 2nd greatest movie ever made. His 3rd best is easily Rope.

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Didn't see it.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a good one. I love Frank Capra movies.

Harvey is my favorite Jimmy Stewart movie, but he made several that I like a lot (including Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, It's a Wonderful Life, Anatomy of a Murder, The Philadelphia Story, among others)

Even a blind man would know, the best James Stewart movie is 'Mr.Smith Goes To Washington'

'It's A Wonderful Life' is certainly up there with 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'!

But I'm a little about 'Rope', his performance was good but it just wasn't in the same class.

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Didn't see it.
Originally posted by ryanpaige
Harvey is my favorite Jimmy Stewart movie, but he made several that I like a lot (including Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, It's a Wonderful Life, Anatomy of a Murder, The Philadelphia Story, among others)
OMIGOSH!!! How could I forget Harvey? That is truly one of my favorites.

I think James Stewarts Hitchcock Films (Vertigo,Rear Window etc) & his Westerns (Winchester 77 & The Man Who Shot liberty Valance) are my favourite Stewart Roles.

I have to mention that I love Harvey though & still at 29 years of age watch it again & again.

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Jimmy is one of the great everyman's of cinema not my favorite but up there I'd say his best performance for me is Anthony Mann's Bend of the River but all around fav I'd say with him in it i'd go with Rear Window I also enjoyed him in Harvey Deckard

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Rope & Rear Widow. Not just cuz I like titles that begin with the letter,"R".

I thought he was good in Rope but definatly not his best the two main characters that are featured were more intresting to me I'm not saying he wasn't good he was just that's it's not as high up as you have it.

my favorite Jimmy stewart flic is Vertigo.....Rear Window is a fave for sure,but i think Jimmy is best in Vertigo. and i love the movie The Flight of the Phoenix. LBJ if you haven't seen it yet...go now and rent that'll love it. i also love him in Harvey......and It's a Wonderful Life. he was a gem.
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It's a wonderful life ahh yes I love that movie Frank Capra rocks the part at the begining with the pills when he's a kid make me cry big time that's my favorite fell good movie after I watched it for the first time I felt so good for like a week.

1. Anatomy of a Murder (1959)
2. Harvey (1950)
3. The Philadelphia Story (1940)
4. Rear Window (1954)
5. Destry Rides Again (1939)
6. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
7. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)
8. You Can't Take it with You [size=1=](1938)[/size]
9. The Man From Laramie (1955)
10. Winchester '73 (1950)
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i'd forgotten about Anatomy of a Murder.....very clever flic with terrific performances by all - i thought Lee Remick was superb and irresistable.
Stewart is just so good in everything i've seen him in......although i have NOT watched his westerns.
my brother bought me the Best of Johnny Carson videotapes and there is a segment with Jimmy Stewart where he reads a poem he wrote to his old dog that had died. it's a tearjerker,and it'll give ya' goosebumps.

You should at least check out Destry Rides Again sometime. It is a Western, but not one of the stark psychological ones he did with Anthony Mann. Destry is more of a comedy, practically an early parody of the genre. Marelene Dietrich co-stars (the Madeline Kahn character of Lili Von Shtupp in Blazing Saddles is an hommage to Dietrich here). Jimmy Stewart plays Tom Destry Jr., the son of a famously tough sharp-shooting lawman. Junior is mild-mannered and drinks milk at the saloon...though it could be he's just as good a shot. Great movie.

And Jimmy reading his dead dog poem on Carson's "Tonight Show" is a classic. He read others over the years, mostly humorous rather than sad. A book of his poetry was published, called simply Jimmy Stewart and His Poems, but it is long out-of-print. It includes "Beau", the one about his beloved dog. The book was less than 40-pages long, but it's a must for any hard-core Stewart fan. I'm sure one can find them on eBay and such.