Cloverfield (1.18.08)


My hopes are up like a (sexual innuendo) that's been (verb+ing) itself (period of time)!

Monster movie + JJ.Abrams= Probably won't be horrible in my book

Still wish it was Power Rangers though . . .
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Yup. Every now and then, one of these rumors ends up being true. It's very hit-and-miss. Heck, I was searching around for news on a possible date for an Indy 4 teaser, and ran into a bunch of reports about people who had "confirmed" that the film was going to be about the search for Atlantis.

Someone needs their fill.
What's it about thought?!?

What's it about thought?!?
It is a "ride the coattails film" I will not say whose tails this film is riding, but most cinematic gurus will know. The first person experience extinguishes the need for high dollar production, which IMO is a good thing. The Hype, the drama, and the desire to see something wonderful on a "low" budget is alluring. it is about mystery and it is about the mix of tragedy and patriotism and death and is.
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Oh, yes. There will be blood....
Just saw the trailer last night. Looks awesome! It runs a little over 2 minutes, and the title is indeed Cloverfield. We even received new posters at our theater that has the title "Cloverfield" on them (with also 1-18-08 in smaller font right below it). You get to see VERY LITTLE of the actualy monster (I'm talking just the backside). But it's huge!

lol, go see Beowulf just to see this trailer!
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The new trailer is kind of a let down - at least watching it on the low quality qhich i've only been able to find : at least it confirms the movie will defintly use the camera-man perspective

Enemies are so stimulating.

this trailer just got put online! yay!
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so you guys love the trailer?

so you guys love the trailer?
It's interesting, sure, but your hints from before are looking pretty dubious. I'm not seeing anything about a lion or a bird there, guy.

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Okay the concept sounds cool and the film looks pretty good. If they overuse steady-cam I think I can handle it considering I wasn't annoyed by the shakey camera used in The Blair Witch Project. I don't care if the monster appears as long as the film is scary and awesome.
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I'm pretty sure they will show the monster. I wouldn't compare it to Blair Witch quite yet.
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