Saw 4 - First Photo and Teaser Poster


when do saw 4 posed 2 come out

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hey nice post, cant wait to see this one, it'e getting me goosebumps

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds

I didn't notice this before, but is that Jigsaw??? With Hair???

also, the blood drive, like last time.

And here is a clip from the film.
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I'm with you Nebbs. I have seen 3 and I don't think I would see number 4. Getting tired quite frankly of all that malicious gore on folks just for the sake of shock value.

I'm with you Nebbs. I have seen 3 and I don't think I would see number 4. Getting tired quite frankly of all that malicious gore on folks just for the sake of shock value.
I keep saying to myself, "is there a purpose to this"

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Oh, yes. There will be blood....
New Saw IV Teaser Trailer

Well, the trailer has finally come out. You can see it attached to Halloween, or by just simply going over to Yahoo! here

So....what do you guys all think? I personally think that I won't be disappointed though I had my doubts at first (I know, the trailer doesn't even show that much). But the direction it's going doesn't look too bad. And Jigsaw's line "You think it is over, but the games have just begun" just makes me cry with joy. Love to hear his voice, and especially that line.
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Oh, yes. There will be blood....
Holy ****, I think this is the only horror franchise that hasn't gone dull (in the sense of being repetitive). Each of the movies are creative and fresh, yet people complain because it's a damn sequel. There is always new ideas to explore, and that's what they've done. Yes, Jigsaw's theme remains the same, whilst every victims remains different. Get over it.

people complain because it's a damn sequel.
Yeah, damn sequels they're churning out at an alarming rate for MONEY. They've not got any artisitic drive behind them, the first yes, it was fresh and original but now it's studios capitalising on that and making them as quickly as possible. If someone came back years later with a really good idea for a Saw film, fair enough but it's just execs sitting round "how can we make another in time for Halloween". I'd guess.

I need to see more. I know it is a 'Teaser' and all but I cant wait for the first trailer.
Yeah that doesn't show too much does it. A few faces, a few screams and of course the voice. I dunno. What can it really show to spark interest if you already know the plot. Especially with trailers constantly trying to deceive the movie goer.

I kind of think the saw movies are awesome in their own silly way, but one thing I think has held back the quality is, ironically, everything. The directing, the acting, and the writing are always distractingly horrible (at least for me), and I think that considering what a wonderful concept the series is, it really deserves some more quality filmmaking behind it. That's why every time another one of these comes out, I'm excited about the fresh talent working on it. This time even more so, because it's the first one not being written by the franchise's co-creator Leigh Whannell. I just hope they keep cranking out these movies every year. After sawing off a foot, a syringe pit, and a vat slowly filling with mashed pigs' guts, I can't wait to see what happens next....I just hope that the constant recycling of crew eventually comes up with some chops....

Can anyone tell me why I should be excited for this movie to come out? None of the other ones were any good. There's a bunch of whiny dorks that never take the initiative to actually do anything and if they do its always a second too late. A bunch of horse sh_t. Not to mention the retard that was playing the jigsaw character. He sucked. His whole character was annoying. Along with that dumb chick who was obsessed with him. Anyone can think of some crazy ways to torture people and then link them together with a sloppy story line. There's absolutely no talent as far as film making goes. These movies belong at WallMarts next to all the other generic crap that's out. They would have been better off using the money to make a traveling haunted house. Same principals. Cheap scare tactics with retarded costumes covering bad actors.

Go ahead and pay to see this pile of crap. Just don't ever complain about the way anyone else wastes their money.
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