Cloverfield (1.18.08)


Does anyone know what is going on with the movie 1-18-08 does anyone know what it is

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That said, the film has the tentative title of Cloverfield, and is from director JJ Abrams. It's a monster film of some sort that apparently hasn't even started shooting yet. The monster is apparently referred to internally as "The Parasite," and some people are wondering if this is all some sort of marketing gimmick. We have AICN to thank for these scattered tidbits of information.

I've heard a theory that 1/18/08 is actually the date wherein an actual trailer will be released. I imagine this theory is based around the idea that there's so little time to shoot the film between now and then, but given its intentionally low-budget look and feel, and the use of digital camcorders, I don't think it's inconceivable that it could be done in time for a mid-January release.

We shall see. I, for one, am certainly intrigued.

thank you and srry

The full title is actually Cloverfield/1-18-08. Here is further info:

I don't want to ruin this experience for anyone, but if you want to hear more about it and hear the description of it, read on. Otherwise (which I suggest this is what you do), skip reading this until after you see Transformers, which this trailer will play in front of, and then come back to read more on the movie.

Here's the description of the trailer. I suggest you DON'T read on unless you've gone to see Transformers and have seen this trailer - otherwise the experience will be ruined!!

WARNING: "Cloverfield/1/18/08" spoilers below
It starts off at a party in a loft in New York City for this guy around his mid-20's who's leaving (the city). It's filmed on home video cameras and looks just sort of like another independent drama comedy about this guy. This goes one for a little while when all of a sudden there's a big earthquake and people start to go a bit crazy and they all run up to the roof to see the lower half of Manhattan, and one of these buildings, erupt into a huge ball of fire after this unidentified object from the sky comes flying down and hits it. Then people really start to go crazy and the camera is dropped and blacks out. Then it comes back up and they're out running on the streets and all of a sudden this huge flaming object comes flying through the air and lands on the street and it's the ripped off head of the Statue of Liberty. You can hear this odd freaky roar in the background as more huge flaming/smoking things fly through the air and it ends with people running and screaming.

There is no title for the movie. It only shows “Produced by J.J. Abrams" and says “1.18.08″ and flashes the credit block of names for about a half second and that's it.

It's insane…

Apparently this is a top secret project that J.J. Abrams is producing and not directing. What is it, you ask? After doing some research over at Ain't It Cool News, I discovered this description.

Well, word from inside the company is that CLOVERFIELD is a giant monster movie, featuring something that's being referred to internally as “The Parasite".

There's also a bit more about the style and what it may actually be about or how it'll work (which considering from the trailer, might be insanely cool).

And what makes this different than any other giant monster movie? Well, as I understand it, most of the film is going to be shot using home video cameras, as if from the point of view of real people who are experiencing an attack on New York. It’s designed as a fairly small picture, all things considered, and right now, they’re working to make sure the script is going to deliver some wild thrills (like an earthquake that levels Manhattan or an oil tanker flipping over by the Statue of Liberty), but that it’s not suddenly going to turn into a giant $150 million movie.

Holy ****, this sounds awesome! This thing has been pretty top secret so far, without a peep or word or even a listing on IMDb. We haven't seen anything like this in a while, as almost everything nowadays has some news on it all the way from the start of production.

This is not just your ordinary Hollywood disaster or giant monster flick, it's something way different. From the trailer you can tell this is going to be something unique, maybe even on the same scale as the Blair Witch Project. And for now this has to be one of the coolest trailers and best marketing tactics I've seen in a long while. What did everyone else think so far who has also seen it?

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I saw a trailer for a JJ Abrams movie yesterday. The title was NOT prominently displayed and may not have been in the trailer at all.

It featured an inferred monster and shaky cam.

I suppose you could pay me to see it.

It could be the movie you are talking about or another one. I dunno.

Yeah, that's the same one. There is no title yet, by all accounts I've read. Some have speculated that "1.18.08" is, in fact, the film's title. I think they just haven't chosen one yet. But, as always, we shall see.

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Cool! I was right about something!

*buffs nails on sleeve*

J. J. Abrams has brought a blight of flash backs upon us all. Bad J. J.!


I will not give into shaky cam movie going! Unless paid well or caught unawares.

If it is all filmed in that way, i can't wait for it. It was so funny seeing it, everybody in my theatre was really into it and when it ended so abruptly everybody was like "what?!?!"
My friend said in his theatre some guy after it was like "What the f*ck!?!" really loud

haha awesome, can't wait
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Cloverfield (Official Title!!!)

Release Date: January 18, 2008
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Director: Matt Reeves ("Felicity")
Producer: J.J. Abrams ("Alias," "Lost," "Mission: Impossible III")
Screenwriter: Drew Godard
Starring: Michael Stahl-David, Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel, Lizzy Kaplan
Genre: Drama/Thriller
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Official Websites: | |

Cloverfield (Official Title!!!))
My bad.

I looked at IMDB. It say Cloverfield is a fake working title. Hmmm. When they showed 1/18/08 on the screen that probably meant just the release date. The title is NOT KNOWN!!!! Only time will tell.

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Oh, yes. There will be blood....
My bad.

I looked at IMDB. It say Cloverfield is a fake working title. Hmmm. When they showed 1/18/08 on the screen that probably meant just the release date. The title is NOT KNOWN!!!! Only time will tell.
don't ever believe anything on imdb. they're about as reliable as wikipedia.
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By the looks of those "official" websites, it seems to me that Paramount is playing an advertising game with us, similar to how Microsoft did with its hoax website for the release of Halo 2. Another popular film did it as well, but since it's 2:25 AM where I am, it's kinda hard to think of it at the moment.
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as what i got in other forum, diary of dead a new film of 2008 but i had no really idea at all about this film aside to title..