I am sorry I never said a proper goodbye.


It's funny because I was thinking I hadn't seen you post in awhile. I didn't realize you had actually left.

We don't use GPA in High School here, just in University where 4.0 is the highest you can have. Is High School GPA different? Is that how you can get over a 4.0?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time University!
Don't know about high school GPA's in Canada, but I can explain a bit for America.

High school GPAs work like colleges', the better grades you get, the higher your GPA is. Some high schools, like mine, have honors classes and AP classes, which are harder than the regular classes. For example, honors geometry vs geometry. These honors and AP classes have a GPA max of 5 versus the usual 4, which is why I have a weighted GPA (greater than 4 to account the honors classes) and an unweighted (less than 4 to make a standard GPA for colleges to use).

Yeah, same thing as everyone else: no big deal, nice of you to let us know, and do what you gotta do. It's important stuff, so give it as much of your attention as you need. But if you end up with more down time than you thought, pop in and say hi sometimes.

Either way, the update is nice, and the sentiment is really appreciated.

You can't win an argument just by being right!
I've only been here a few months so dont know if we've met but all the best with University.

Good luck with your studies, i thoroughly enjoyed my time at university here in the UK, make time for yourself too though, a break from studying and enjoying some 'me time' works wonders.