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An Autumn Afternoon probably should have had a spot on my list

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No votes. I've seen Late Spring once and liked it, definitely been meaning to rewatch it. I've seen Das Boot a couple of times and thought it was astonishing both times - still meaning to watch the TV version and see how it compares to the director's cut (which is the only version I've seen - can't imagine watching anything shorter).
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-La Strada - 10/10
-The Battle of Algiers - 10/10
-Wild Strawberries - 10/10 - Nice self-reflecting movie. One of Bergman's best.
-The Cranes Are Flying - 10/10
-Le Trou - 9/10
-The 400 Blows - 8.5/10
-Knife In The Water - 8.5/10
-A Man Escaped - 8/10
-Nights of Cabiria - 8/10
-Sundays & Cybele - 8/10
-Close-Up- 8/10 -
-Pather Panchali- 8/10
-Late Spring - 8/10
-Tokyo Story - 8/10
-Contempt - 8/10
Wings of Desire - 8/10
-La Dolce Vita - 7.5/10
-Harakari - 7.5/10
-Red Desert - 7.5/10
-Le Cercle Rouge - 7.5/10
-Rome, Open City - 7.5/10
-Shoplifters - 7/10
-Léon Morin, Priest - 7/10
-Bob Le Flambeur - 7/10
-Rififi - 7/10
-The Virgin Spring -7/10
-Run Lola Run - 7/10
-Le Samourai - 7/10
-The Conformist - 7/10
-The Celebration- 7/10
-The Lives of Others - 7/10.
-Au Revoir les Enfants - 6.5/10
-Last Year At Marienbad - 6/10
-Roma - 6/10
-Z - 6/10
-Army of Shadows - 5/10
-The Mirror - 5/10
-Fitzcarraldo - 5/10
-Le Haine - 4/10

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Late Spring is my favorite from the Noriko trilogy but still not my favorite Ozu. It's good MoFos recognize Tokyo Story is not Ozu's best, though.

Das Boot is very good. I watched it so long ago I can't even tell if I watched the short or long (TV?) version. I wouldn't mind rewatching the TV version!

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Just peaking in to say that it's good to see that Let the right one in made it to the list, I haven't seen it but saw the remake of it in English version which it called Let Me In, which I thought was a decent film. Hopefully Leon the professional makes the list, that was a good movie even though it's dubbed in English, Italian and french.
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Has anybody ever seen the 5 hour version of Das Boot? I've been looking online to find it but no luck.
A 293-minute version touted as the "original uncut version" and released on DVD in the US in 2004 is actually the original German television miniseries version. This previously aired in the U.S. on cable television's Encore channel.

haven't checked in for a while, here's my list so far:

11. Fanny and Alexander (1982)
14. Close-Up (1990)
16. Wings of Desire (1987)
19. Le Samouraï (1967)
20. Suspiria (1977)
21. The Hole (1960)

i've seen most of the last 20 and really like all of them, except in the mood for love which was fine but i couldn't get into it. might rewatch it with all of the WKW stuff on the criterion channel. love metropolis, yojimbo, the 400 blows, and pather panchali. can't believe close-up is likely to be the only kiarostami that shows up smh
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seen A Clockwork Orange. In all honesty, the movie was weird and silly

Woohoo, Das Boot!!! My number 1. I've seen a lot of good war films but this is easily my favourite. The plot is fairly straight forward, just following a U-Boat and it's crew as it goes around the Atlantic during WWII. But it's the claustrophobia, the nerve-shredding tension, the relatable and mostly likeable characters, the great acting led by a career defining performance from Jürgen Prochnow, the flawless direction, cinematography and everything else I haven't mentioned that put this number 1 on my ballot.

It doesn't dwell on the politics of Nazi Germany at the time or on the war as a whole. Instead, the core focus of the film is the experiences of the captain and crew in their little tin can a few hundred metres under the sea. We see them at their best, we see them at their worst and for anyone here that hasn't watched it, I would definitely say to check it out.
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Not seen Le Samourai or The Cranes Are Flying. I've tried a couple of times to watch La Dolce Vita but failed each time. Of course I haven't seen Akira but Das Boot is on my 100 and would probably have been top 5 if I'd submitted a list. A great film, though I'd have The Cruel Sea as my favourite submarine film.

I actually saw the TV series twice before I saw the theatrical version or the Directors Cut, but I couldn't tell you about any differences as both times were many years before I saw the theatrical version.
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Hopefully Leon the professional makes the list, that was a good movie even though it's dubbed in English, Italian and french.
As far as I am aware, Leon: The Professional (1994) is an English language film. However The Professional (1981), a French film, would have been eligible.

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24. Ikiru


Akira Kurosawa, 1952


Takashi Shimura, Haruo Tanaka, Nobuo Kaneko, Bokuzen Hidari

166 points, 10 lists
23. Andrei Rublev


Andrei Tarkovsky, 1966


Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Ivan Lapikov, Nikolay Grinko, Nikolai Sergeyev

Two films I've been meaning to see for a long time, but still haven't gotten around to.

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My list: 7/25

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I love Ikiru - it is sad, but at the same time, it's also exhilarating so it merits a cry (times two.)

To me, Andrei Rublev is Tarkovsky's masterpiece, but I realize that some members believe that the man can do no wrong. To me, that seems really weird. Tarkovsky went out of his way to make films which people could not understand on any basic level. If I could somehow magically understand everything which an artist goes out of his way to make sure that I cannot understand on first appearance, then I would have to think that I was some sort of Idiot Savant. Tarkovsky wants people to understand but I'd say it's impossible to understand most of his flicks without repetitive viewings and discussions with similar viewers. This film is about an artist who makes no art whatsoever during the film. It's also about a monk/iconographer who believes in beauty but is completely surrounded by ugliness, pain and death. Obviously, the film is full of contradictions and bizarre, unique visuals and characters. I watched the restored version. The claim was that the Criterion version added 20 minutes to make it go from 165 minutes to 185 minutes. I'll admit that the first time I watched this, long ago, it was 165 minutes, and this version included much more spiritual material, but it was NOT 185 minutes. It was actually about 198 minutes, and of course, the highlight of the film was the conclusion where the B&W film turned to color, and while some intense 2001-type soundtrack was playing, we can see the actual icons which Rublev painted. I easily found this the most moving Tarkovsky I've seen, but it's also incredibly repulsive in the way it shows how far Man truly is from God.
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Another Yippee day for me with one from my personal ballot, though to be honest I'm a little sad Ikiru didn't make it higher than this. Andrei Rublev never had a shot with me, I do like the second half though.

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Faildictions ((バージョン 1.01):
22. Il gattopardo [The Leopard] (1963)
21. Zangiku monogatari [The Story Of The Last Chrysanthemum] (1939)
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As far as I am aware, Leon: The Professional (1994) is an English language film. However The Professional (1981), a French film, would have been eligible.
Oh ok, thanks for letting me know, I thought that was the only film but with three different languages

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Andrei Rublev may be my favorite from that director while Ikiru would be my #5 Kurosawa. I very much prefer Ikiru of the 2 so that illustrates how I compare the directors.

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