MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2021 - Regular Season


WHOA BUDDY!!! The Rays just got Nelson Cruz from the Twins, and I already have him on my roster, thats a big "wow"ser. Easily the most accomplished slugger the Rays have EVER had in their lineup.

I love it. I have 2 Ray's that will definitely benefit from having that guy in the lineup.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Guardians. Eh, its A'ight.

Yeah had a huge day a couple days ago 11 runs 5 homers 11 rbi and 3 quality starts the past 3 days. Feels good to have a winner, but feels ALOT better knowing I wont screw it all up this time, like I have many times. Still alot of ball to be played, but ill be ok whatever the outcome.
Growth rocks

I have to imagine some awful play on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was in there. Cleveland Rockers or something.

I think the best choice was Cleveland Spiders, since that's what they used to be (and you can make some pretty cool logos out of them). Of course, the Spiders are famous for being the worst team in history, but hey, who doesn't like a redemption story?

To be fair, as cool as that name is, the owners have to ask themselves what will actually sell merchandise. They might have dismissed "Spiders" out of hand because people hate spiders and it would've cost them a lot of money.

The trick is not minding
I imagine they wanted something similar to The Cavaliers, and Guardians made the most sense to them.
They probably also looked at how popular that name is in regards to the Guardians of the Galaxy, and thought “Heyyyyy…”.

I mean, it’s totally plausible.

They should have been the Cleveland Warriors. "Warriors come out and playyyy!"

I obviously have no idea what to do when it comes to the holds category. Funny part is that I've even tried too