Saddest movie you have seen


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A good war movie always makes me sad. I'd have to say Saving Private Ryan.
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Life is Beautiful where a man without hope tries to give his son hope.

Grave of the Fireflies. It was unremittingly downbeat, a film someone had to make.

D.O.A. About a man who has been poisoned and tries to find his killer before he dies.

Lord of War, because it's true.

Also the last episode of Father Ted and "The Man Next Door" episode of Dennis the Menace, because 2 major stars died hours after they were made.
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i hav seen d alltime best My best friend's wedding and titanic which gives tears in my eyes..Both movies r mind blowing and my favorite.

Hide and seek movie it was awesome and very sad... too sad... Orlando, Brad and Leo are the best!!!

I'd have to say The Fountain is the saddest movie I've ever seen.

I've honestly seen a ton of movies that I found sad though. The remake of King Kong comes to mind too ha I thought that was extremely sad the first time I saw it

Also, I don't think The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was mentioned, I thought that was a pretty depressing movie (and one of my favorites ).

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For me many movies can be sad. An example would be the Italian Job remake
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John Bridger died

Arnie Cunningham - All of this because some drunk ran over that sh*tter Welch?

Arnie Cunningham- Right up the little tramps @ss!

Grave of the Fireflies
The Bicycle Thief
Days of Heaven
Landscape in the Mist
Breaking the Waves

Not sure if I'd label these as the saddest I've ever seen, but the best films that could make you sad.
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A Walk to remember !! would b my

Either Requiem for a dream or Give it forward

Hard to say, but if I had to throw out a title off the top of my head, I'd say that Big Fish has the most emotionally impactful ending of any movie I've seen, in my opinion. That would make it a prime candidate for this title.
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Wild Strawberries and Hour of the Wolf because the view of the world expressed in those movies is pretty severe and overbearing but what clinches it is that they're both very enjoyable, engrossing movies to watch. I'm suckered into liking them (especially Wild Strawberries) in spite of the fact that I hate pretty much everyone in it, and find the world as it exists there very depressing. I find Lars Von Trier's films similarly grotesque but too blunt to really get wrapped up in the way I do with those and a few other Bergman films* so... not as depressing.

*these comments don't apply as much to The Seventh Seal which is a little warmer but also because I think it has more intellectual heft to redeem watching it.

Also can't forget The Straight Story and Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, which reminds me of some of the things Buster Keaton was in later in his life, because it was so sad seeing one of maybe 2 or 3 people who I would consider a real artist in his old age after years of ruin and waste.

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Good heavens! I hope not.

A few movies that strike my sad nerve.

In no particular order... that'd be too challenging besides sad is a broad emotion. There are many kinds of sadness.

Breaking the Waves - I watched this film maybe a year or so ago and after I watched it I felt horrible with this sick feeling inside me. I dinstinctly remember that I had to call Alicia and talk to her just to feel better after being so involved in the movie and the tragedy. Of course the very last seconds offer a glimpse of hope even if it is slightly cheesy.

Splendor in the Grass - To me this is the definitive film that deals with teenage love and romance. That time in everyone's life when love is the ultimate end all/be all. When rejection or loss of love equals the loss of God and life. Splendor in the Grass adresses the issues of coming to age and leaving behind naive ideas of love and the painful transition it can be. It takes place during the Great Depression and stars Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. Natalie Wood gives probably one of her strongest performances. It's a teenage melodrama staring 20 year olds, but I admit it pulls on the heartstrings.

The Land Before Time - This movie makes me cry. A year ago I was watching it at Alicia's house and I was trying not to cry in front of her mom. The moment when Little Foot sees a shadow and thinks it's his mother, "Mother! Mother! Mother!" Makes me teary eyed each time. Set of course to that spectacular James Horner score. Probably the best of his career. Knowing what happened to Judith Barsey who voiced Ducky makes the film even more sad. Forget the sequels.

Dinner at Eight - A great ensemble MGM film set in the Great Depression and made in 1933 during the height of the time period. A great cast including John Barrymore and Jean Harlowe. The film deals with broken relationships, loss of wealth, and suicide in excellent comedic form with a dark underbelly. Barrymore's scene after being evicted from his hotel room is heartbreaking.

That's just a few. There are many more... later...
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