The 2017 Oscar Picks Pool is Open


Sorry for using the new tagging feature to bug some of you about your Oscar picks, but it just seems like such an effective way to go about it.

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I haven't seen any of the nominees yet, and I doubt I'll have time to watch most of them before the deadline for Oscar picks, but I'll try to make some educated guesses based on what I've read about the movies.

BTW, when is the deadline for Oscar picks?

The show is the 28th. So, about a half hour before sometime on the 28th February.
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As usual, I expect to come in 1000000000th place.

Okay, big annoying banner on the header of each page imploring you to make your picks. Please do it! It's fun and easy, I promise. And that big banner magically vanishes when you do!
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Well that was a lot more fun than I expected, and I love the tracking thingy to keep an eye on my picks because all of mine are blind guesses based on the academy politics so I will forget by monday. Let the games begin.

Yeah, really looking forward to the chat. Could be a record turnout this year. Hope you'll pop in: it really does make the ceremony a lot more entertaining.

It's monday morning for us I think so I'll be waxing lyrical, Yods.

Done. Thanks Yoda
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Any insider info from 'reputable sources' on how the academy panel operates?

ah thanks champ. That was the day my computer was whining from the heatwave and I never got around to listening. Will do now.

Who's the fast talker? I'm guessing Yodels (first guy to talk)