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Smokey and the Cricket
I think I got both shirts for under 50 bucks. I had no idea until my wife asked what the charge was for.
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When I saw the second picture of his back to us - with the 100% MoFo shirt - I thought, are we gonna see his butt? Then all of a sudden - there it was.

Even though it already looks like he has a butt for a head.

I wish I could get both designs, but one shirt cost me $60. Suspect don't have that kind of change.
Wow. How'd that end up happening? Shipping unusually high?
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Damn crick - if only you'd had the foresight to have "Cracket" printed on that shirt back instead
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Did it say why it was $48 American to begin with? That's more than twice the base price; is there some kind of international shipping tax?
Sorry. $43.

I went with XXL so it was a bit more.

$10 shipping

$5 HST (tax)

Then the conversion rate.

Ah, that makes more sense. Shipping a little higher, $5 tax on top, few more for the size, and next thing you know it's $43 instead of $28 or whatever I think it was for the test I ordered.

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Blimey - mine only cost €22.61 delivered by switching the order into the Irish site, if memory serves it was gonna hit me up for around $40 from the Americky site. Still waiting for the feckin' thing to arrive from Holland mind

(the use of 'only' in this post is solely for comparative purpose - normally I'd get at least four tees for that price and more likely around ten 'cos I dress real cheap )

EDIT/UPDATE: Finally arrived this morning

Cool, thanks! I'll try to have these last two up on the Store page soon.

Pretty sure that's everyone, now, apart from a few who said they might buy one eventually.

Cool! If you decide to post a picture, even better!

I don't have a link for the mug yet, but I'll try to get that up soon. Thanks for the reminder.