Actually scary horror movies..?


I lovvvve the ending of Sinister!!

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sorta spoiler
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haha for me the movie was pretty realistic (to a point)but the supernatural ending was a bit out of place for me. but God dang the pool scene scared me so much.

Also the first half of the strangers is pretty scary

What scares you is entirely subjective and more subjective than the movie medium itself.

Before seeking out so-called scariest horror films, you have to figure out what scares you the most. One might call The Conjuring the scariest movie ever, but another might not believe in ghosts and even find the invisible forces to be funny, which will therefore not make it the suitable scariest horror film for this person.

So find out what scares you and seek out more horror in that department and direction...
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Most of my brothers think The Exorcist is a scary movie. I don't think it's scary at all. It all comes down to what your idea of scary is. I find that horror films that are more realistic tend to freak me out . Like movies about cannibals or psycho mass murderers.

I thought Sinister all around sucked, especially the ending. The films they play are a good gimmick but besides that what else is there to those films? Not much

The first Halloween is a good scary movie that still tends to stick with you after it's over. Amazing horror imagery throughout. Acting sucks but the skill and structure of the movie still amazes me. Will never age.

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This is something ive been trying to accomplish for some years now, something that ACTUALLY scares me..
Other than The exorsist & The shining when i was about 10 ive had no joy whats so ever?? I'd say ive watched the bulk of the mainstream horrors, (ring, grudge, sinister etc) & all of the old skool ones (hellraiser, poltegiest) just laughable really.. Ive had a go at some supposadly good french horror movies, (calvaire, inside-unrated & ills-them) which turned out not so good also. Although inside-unrated was pretty good for gore! Im now searching through the asian market, any recommendations guys??? thanks

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There's also a 1992 mockumentary called Ghostwatch. Even though it has a tendency to get pretty silly (especially in the end), the lengthy build up is really creepy, and it left me thinking about it long afterwards.


It scarred me as a youngster. I watched it live and didn't sleep for 4 days.


"A Tale of Two Sisters"

It's not a horror movie, strictly speaking, but a thriller, but the movie that scared me the most is "Wait Until Dark."

My most recent favorite scary movie was The Witch. It was a tiny budget movie with little or nothing in the way of FX or well known actors, but it had that kind of bump-in-the-dark scariness and existential panic that really works. It's 1630 and a puritan family is ejected from the town. Left to their own devices in the dark and scary wilderness of New England, they try to survive and build a life until their teen-aged daughter seems to be turning into a witch.

The movie is scary because, while it's fiction, everything that happened in the movie really was reported as fact by someone that really lived in that time and place. It all culminated in the Salem Witch Trials. There's fear, isolation and possibly hostile natives, the forest is dark, winter is coming, they're three centuries "outside cell range" and nobody's listening. Being a fan/victim of countless horror movies, nevertheless, this one is about as scary as it gets.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

Had a blast with this flick. I recommend it
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I was thinking today about The Company of Wolves and I think you could legitimately call that a really scary horror film. I would say that although the Huntsman's werewolf scenes are unsettling enough, it's the Young Groom's transformation that's really disturbing, largely due to the savagery of it, the amount of gore, and the distress of the family.

The recent movie that really gave me the feeling of unsettled and creeps was insidious part 1, that was a really scary film
I might add the exorcist 3 is a contender of really unsettling movie experience