Teen Titans


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I know the Teen Titans live action movie will be released in 2009, but the cast has not yet confirmed.

Directed by: Tim Burton

The good guys-
Richard Grayson/Robin: Zac Efron
Victor Stone/Cyborg: Rob Brown
Koriand'r/Starfire: Megan Fox
Garfield Logan/Beast Boy: Frankie Muniz
Raven: Shannon Marie Woodward
Antonia Louise "Toni" Monetti/Argent: Hayden Panettiere
Kole Weathers/Kole: Mae Whitman
Joseph Wilson/Jericho: Haley Joel Osmont
Lilith Clay/Lilith: Miley Cyrus (Yes. Lilith must be the youngest member)
Kon-El/Superboy: Sean Faris
Roy Harper/Speedy: Emile Hirsch

The bad guys-
Slade Wilson/Deathstroke: Christopher Lambert
Mikron O'Jeneus/Gizmo: Martin Klebba
Nicole Diaz/Jinx: Stacie Orrico
Baran Flinders/Mammoth: Dave Bautista (aka Batista in the WWE)
Selinda Flinders/Shimmer: Nikki Reed

ummm, this sounds like a some what interesting film to be made. I've seen a few episodes of this show when its on cartoon network.

As for the cast, ummm that's a ummm interesting choice you made MrZeldaFan but imo not the best to portray those characters. Frankie Muniz as beast boy? that's kinda funny.

Lee Young Thompson in "Smallville" as cyborg was pretty good.

Raven has to be Summer Glau.
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Raven has to be Summer Glau.
Good call!
Summer Glau has definately got the Raven 'goth look' down but she always seems to be casted in rolls more physical than Raven ever is. Still she would be the perfect choice.

And the thought of Megan Fox in Starfire's metal bikinni does strange things to my mind and it's lack of blood.
I was actually thinking Carmen Electra as Starfire but casting the Titans would have to depend where they are in their continuity.
The original team is much older than the current group so Megan for a younger Starfire and Carmen for an older one.

I didn't see a pick for Wonder Girl on your list though.
If Cassie is WG then she's blonde.
If it's Donna she's gotta be a brunette.

Fear the Probe!

What do we think about Zac Efron as Robin? I'd be ok with Radcliffe or (wildcard) LaBeouf but probably he'll be an american.
Some1 i'd love to see as Kon or Robin would be Nicholas Brendon.Amy Acker as Starfire?Cyborg is giving me mega trouble.

The man with the sword
Here's some more-

Garth/Aqualad: Andrew Lawrence
Donna Troy/Wonder Girl: Michelle Trachtenberg
Wally West/Kid Flash: Kevin Jonas
Tara Markov/Terra: Taylor Swift
Karen Beecher/Bumblebee: Jessica Lucas
Mal Duncan/Herald: Unknown actor
Danny Chase: Rupert Grint

Tim Burton? I highly doubt that.
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Jericho: The big eyed kid from tv. show Jericho! Seriously though. . .
Wally West: Lucas Grabeel.(though theres a more Ryan Reynolds type out there somewhere)

I'd get Joss Whedon to direct, it'll be ages before he gets round to Runaways so another teen superhero franchise shouldn't be a problem.

This can be great...if they don't turn it as a kid show or something!!! but why listen to me right!!!...

I love the animated series. I am ecstatic to know that they will make a big screen adaptation. Cheers!

The man with the sword
Here's the lineup of the movie:

Teen Titans (Major characters) (shows up in most parts of the movie)-
Wonder Girl
Kid Flash
Beast Boy

Titans East (Secondary characters) (shows up in 2-3 scenes of the movie)-

Titans North (Minor characters) (can be showed up in 1-2 scenes of the movie)-
Danny Chase