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I think Husband and me are going to put up our little Christmas Tree today, but before we do I thought I'd share what our tree looked like last year (this years may end up looking the same).

Seasons Greetings!
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Awesome decorations there Zen I wish I could +rep per photo
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Took some pictures the other day of the view from my granny's (95 in a month! ) house.

I grew up next door.

Looking at it now, the hillside in the distance in the second photo was where the Provos planted a mortar bomb in the late 80s (there was an army base just out of shot) and the fallout (not literal 'fallout', they weren't nuclear mortars ) damaged our house pretty badly.

Just thought I'd add some realism to the nice pictures.
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planet news, that kid is the ded of cute. Is that you?

Tacitus, those pics are gorgeous and happy birthday to Gran!

It's been a long time (if ever...?) since I posted a pic here, so here goes:
Review: Cabin in the Woods 8/10

Standing in the Sunlight, Laughing
Great stuff Tac'

You are captivating Sam' - what a grand smile - is that red hair? Either way, very nice darling.
Thanks, 7th! It's not as red is it comes across in pictures, but it is kind of reddish.

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OK, so every time i went to take a picture tonight, i had the STUPIDEST, GOOFIEST SMILE on my face. like every time. finally, i had to look away from the lens - and pull my hair back from my face because the ceiling fan kept making it go crazy.

anyway. i'm in a silly mood tonight, i just am.

Alright since I am bored right now - here I am working today - was quite a boring day all in all.
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Since no one used this thread in a long long time, I thought I could put something new in and encourage the rest of you to give an update as well. So here's a picture of me with my boyfriend. He works at a club so when he had some time to come see me we could have our picture taken

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It's been a long time (if ever...?) since I posted a pic here, so here goes.
You look almost identical to one of my cousins.

Since no one used this thread in a long long time...
Four days!?!