What are you doing at this very moment?


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Thinking of finishing off one of the three books I'm currently reading.
"The dog is the god of frolic." ~ Beecher

"Exit, pursued by a bear." ~

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Counting down the minutes untill the kiddies go to bed for some quiet as my head is pounding.
~In the event of a Zombie Uprising, remember to sever the head or destroy the brain!~

~When im listening to Metallica, Nothing else matters~

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watching tv, playing a game and talking to people on msn...

ow... and texting with my sister
I'd never given much thought to how I would die... But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go

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We were watching The Human Centipede earlier and I couldnt stop falling asleep literally I was falling asleep , but I saw everything I wanted to see from it and yeah its quite a rubbish film.

We are just getting the final things ready for our trip away so its nearly time for bed.

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been a rough couple of weeks here. last week, kevin had his final day in the army and then thought he had lost them. so setback #1. thankfully, he found them. but he didn't get the ok to discharge.

since i heard this at work, i started to really cry and get upset. not good for a pregnant 3 weeks from birthing. the next day, my mother and i went to the midwife for the first time together. they barely had my blood pressure checked and Elaine immediatly ordered me to bedrest. setback #2. i had blood drawn to make sure i didn't have preclampsysia. (i didn't)

so now, all i do is lay around and either sleep or net surf or deal with my mom coming over to see how i am or get my bp checked. its too hot to sit outside and chill that way. lucky for me, True Blood started up again last night~!! sorry to be so long... off to see what the theme of the week is.

Getting ready to start my 3rd movie of the triple feature I am watching tonight. First I watched Mystic Pizza; then Shop Girl and I am going to finish it off with The Piano.

exulting that my bodybugg finally uploaded my calorie burn after like 20 tries!!
something witty goes here......

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Took my son to school for the last time this morning for 2 days, getting very emotional about leaving the kiddies for two days but they will have a great time at nannas, but it still is horrible leaving them. This is the first time leaving Phoebe and second time leaving Harry. In five years weve had just our 3 day honeymoon away from Harry.

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Trying in vain to find something on television. Getting ready to settle in for the night.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.
I finished school yesterday so now I'm writing up review of a band from Derry who won the chance to play Download this year.
"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

Just watched Spain lose. Maybe this'll put the England result into perspective for some people. Italy and Portugal have drawn. Brazil won, but not convincingly and only Germany looked good, but against a terrible looking Australiam team, shorn of its best player due to a terrible red card decision.