The 2021 Oscar Preview Podcast


Just finished listening this. I'm sorry I got late to it, but I still had a lot of fun with it, especially with the knowledge of what actually won. Great contributions by everybody, Yoda, Holden, and mark. Great stuff.
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Movie Forums Squirrel Jumper
I don't mean to be a downer by saying this, but as far as the Oscars go I really didn't enjoy the show this year. It seemed that a good amount of the time, the celebrities mostly just whined about how crappy America is, and how crappy life is, and all the crap they had to go through to this far, and it was just really depressing and sad. Unless it's just me, or did anyone else think so?

Movie Forums Squirrel Jumper
Oh nothing sorry, I thought were were talking about the 2021 Oscars since that is what the podcast was about.