Top Ten Reasons I Won't See A Movie


Dude, what's wrong with your grammar?
My poor grammer skills are no mystery cause its my weakness in all thing english . Whats more rude is drawing attention too someones disability for a bad nick cage pop Kinky Potato.

Welcome to the human race...
It was made before 1960
It is in black and white
It is a silent film
It is a musical
It is a comedy
It is on IFC
It was made by Lifetime
It has Dean McDermott in it
It has Cuba Gooding Jr in it
It has Tom Cruise in it
Damn Daniel M and his troll post, now every time I see someone post how they won't watch anything that's B&W/silent/foreign/old I have to ask whether or not it's serious. At least my troll post isn't indistinguishable from a real one.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

1. The screenwriter's only other credit is Terminator Genisys
2. It's a PG-13 horror film put out by Platinum Dunes
3. Eddie Redmayne tries to win an Oscar in it
4. David O. Russel makes another sequel to "Acting: The Movie"
5. Adrien Brody starred in it recently
6. Happy Madison Productions
7. Bret Ratner
8. It's classified as Young Adult
9. It was put out by The Asylum
10. I don't feel like it
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