Favorite Pixar Film


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1. Toy Story

2. Finding Nemo
3. Up
4. Monsters Inc.

5. Wall-E

6. The Incredibles
7. Toy Story 2
8. Ratatouille

9. A Bug's Life

10. Monster's University

11. Toy Story 3
12. Cars

13. Brave
14. Cars 2

(Have not seen Inside Out)
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My favorite Pixar Movies are:
Monsters Inc
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Toy Story
Monsters University
Toy Story 2

I haven't seen Inside Out yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

My favorite Pixar Shorts are:
Day & Night
La Luna
Partly Cloudy
Knick Knack
For the Birds

Wall E... its funny at the start, sad at the middle and happy at the end

I haven't seen Cars 2, but I doubt that it would change my list drastically. From personal favorite to least favorite:

1) Toy Story 3
2) The Incredibles
3) Finding Nemo
4) A Bug's Life
5) Up
6) Toy Story 2
8) Monsters Inc.
9) Toy Story
10) Ratatouille
11) Inside Out
12) Cars
13) Monsters University
14) Brave

The last three films are the only ones that I didn't truly connect with. The top 10 are all really good films and Inside Out kind of falls between those two groups for me. It's smart, but it still felt like a missed opportunity, because the concept could've been used in a much more interesting way, in my opinion.

Definitely Cars 2.

Just kidding. Worst pile of crap ever.
Cars 2 > Brave

Brave felt like the crappy illegitimate lovechild of Brother Bear and How to Train Your Dragon. Cars 2 just felt like the typical mediocre sequel that it was.

Cars 2 > Brave

Brave felt like the crappy illegitimate lovechild of Brother Bear and How to Train Your Dragon. Cars 2 just felt like the typical mediocre sequel that it was.
Don't agree.

Cars 2 was messy, inconsistent, stupid and did all things wrong in the vein of bad sequels; like making a popular side character the main character or like upping the action for no reason. Despite the inspirations, at least Brave felt mostly like a Pixar film instead of a throwaway short segment expanded into feature length and thrown directly on Disney Channel...

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Can't we agree that both Brave and Cars 2 is very mediocre?

I think Brave is hated on more than it should, but that is of course just my personal opinion.

And apart from having that middle age feel I don't see why it compares to HTTYD tbh. If it's the character design, it only follows what they already started with Tangled in 2010.

But yeah, we can agree that non are Pixar masterpieces, that's for sure.

I think Toy Story is my favorite. Inside Out would be next and then Finding Nemo. I think my favorite animated movie of all time is The Lion King but it's not Pixar of course.

Here are my Pixar rankings. (I have not seen Brave or Monsters U.)

13) Cars 2

12) Toy Story 3 (I know everyone else loves it, but I didn't like the excessively dark tone.)

11) Cars

10) A Bug's Life

9) Ratatouille

8) Finding Nemo

7) Monsters Inc.


5) Toy Story

4) Up

3) Toy Story 2

2) The Incredibles

1) Inside Out

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I'd say Toy Story 2 is my favorite Pixar movie. It is one of the few sequels to an animated movie that, in my opinion, expanded on the previous one without becoming repetitive.

The original Toy Story is amazing and Toy Story 3 is alright, but I have to go with the second one.

I may be wrong I don't remember but I think Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up came up consecutively. And those are my favorite original Pixar movies. I sort of lean towards Ratatouille being my favorite, Wall-E and up are probably better overall movies but I just really liked Ratatouille for some reason, I like how the bad guy gets redemption at the end.

I really enjoyed Inside Out and The Toy Stories are classics, I lean more towards Toy Story 1 I've only seen 2 and 3 a couple times. Plus I was like 10 when the original came out so it is more fond to me. The Incredibles, Monster Inc and Finding Nemo were all entertaining and good but not my favorite.

Cars was adequate but geared towards selling merch, not inspired like other Pixar films. I didn't bother at Cars 2. Haven't caught the new Monsters either.

and Brave was just weird. I didn't care for that at all. Still have no clue how it won an Oscar. The Good Dinosaur doesn't look very good to me.
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101 Favorite Movies (2019)

My Top 10

1. Ratatouille
2. The Incredibles
3. Toy Story 1
4. Wall E
5. Toy Story 2
6. Finding Nemo
7. Monsters. Inc
8. Toy Story 3
9. Cars
10. Up

Haven't seen Inside Out yet and I hated Cars 2.
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What are your favorite Pixar films, if you're into that kind of thing?

This is my personal worst to best list.

15. Cars 2
14. Brave
13. A Bug's Life
12. Cars
11. Monsters University
10. Up
9. Wall-E
8. Ratatouille
7. Toy Story 3
6. Finding Nemo
5. Inside Out
4. Monsters Inc
3. Toy Story 2
2. The Incredibles
1. Toy Story
First of all, I'm wondering why Frozen isn't on your list...I also love all 3 Toy Story films, Up, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc, Wreck-it Ralph, and Ratatouille. Have not seen Cars or Wall-E and I need a re-watch on A Bug's Life to form an opinion.