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Best directors for still shots (except Ozu and Kitano XD)


Hey guys,
I'm looking for directors that are the masters of still shots. Not necessary long shot but still. A kind of " Lock it on a tripod" type of guy. Obviously, I know about ozu, kitano, anderson (both wes and roy) and at times Chan wook.

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The films of the late Ki Duk-Kim have still shots all over them. I know, as I made loads of cinemagraphs from them.

Half of these don't work as imgur is a terrible site.

Also Nuri Bilge Ceylan (this from 'Uzak')

Also Bi Gan's films. This is one from Kaili Blues:

Alfonso Cuaron likes a still shot. This one from 'Roma':

Pedro Almodovar does it sometimes too:

and Andrey Zvaginstyev and Pawel Pawlikowski too.

On top of my head,

Kohei oguri
Apichatpong werasethakul
Edward yang
Hou Hsiao-hsien
Earlier works of some directors
Kaurismaki, jarmusch
Keaton - if we need to single out silent films era, which is ridiculous

I still need to see lav diaz

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It might be a bit too meat and potatoes for you, but Kubrick's still shots are still, to my mind, some of the best in the business.