This is my second of 2 posts and also technically a Web TV Show so I posted it here rather than in movies, wasn't sure where the best place to post was and sorry if I should have put them both in 1 post.

As I said over the last few weeks I found a couple of TV Shows I really can't wait to watch online and thought I would share them with you.


From its website:

Novek is like no other. A mind-bending mini-series set in present day; follow four characters as they try to cope with the end of the Universe. A large void appears in the farthest reaches of space and is growing larger as it consumes everything in its path. In six weeks it will reach Earth. Experts are baffled and have no idea what will happen.
But to make matters more confusing, humanity is visited by extra-dimensional beings who carry a message that will either save us or destroy us all…

Search IoniaMedia and Novek and I am sure you will find links to it. I would love to know what you think of the idea of the show.