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Indeed. The films actually do have a rather intriguing plot and everything comes together when you piece it all together and learn about Jigsaw's past and how everything came to fruition.

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They're my favorite horror movies ! I saw the first, second and third movie in the same day for the first time. I'd never seen them before that day and I loved them since the beginning.

Saw I is definitely the best.

In terms of most disturbing and disgusting, I'd say Saw 2. That needle pit scene makes my stomach churn.

This is still here all this time later. My rank of the films is still the same as before. I feel the series as a whole is solid and still gets too much disliking, but perhaps in due time it'll be looked back in a more favorable light.

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I haven't see any of these. They look too much like snuff films and I'm not into that in any way.

Aside from 3 and 7 they're not really snuff-like at all. More like psychological thrillers akin to The Silence Of The Lambs or Se7en, with a touch of the movie Cube.

If you disliked the first I'd still seek out some of the sequels as they're quite different. No two films in the series are alike.

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Saw III - the only one with decent acting, and even then a few drag it down
Saw II - Loved the whole premise of the film, but Amanda in III was too brilliant for this to make it to the top spot!
Saw VI - It was a lot of fun! The traps were quite creative on the whole
Saw - Not going to lie, it bored me a bit
Saw V - Fun traps, but a mess on the whole. Quite a lot of people couldn't act their way out of a paper bag
Saw IV - Mess

Saw 3D - Abysmally awful, proof enough they should have finished at the end of first trilogy.

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7 wasn't the best series finale for sure. Part of me wouldn't mind an eighth film for a better conclusion.
Yeah, as a guilty pleasure sort of thing, I really want an 8th film to be made and it wouldn't take too much effort to be better than 7 either

I wonder if we ever get another installment if it'll be a sequel or reboot? I honestly wouldn't be opposed to a well-done reboot.

A new fim was recently announced called Saw: Legacy. No word on the release. Could be interesting but the original storyline got stretched so thin I'm hard-pressed to see where else it can go.

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Saw II
Saw VI
Saw IV
Saw V
Saw: The Final Chapter

Updating with the recent Jigsaw:


Jigsaw (AKA Saw VIII) was surprisingly quite good. Got me intrigued for the future of the series.

Easily my guiltiest pleasure in film, I honesty don't think they're that bad and some of the twists and turns are really well executed. I must have watched each one at least 4 times. Everybody talks about it being a snuff film I don't think it is at all I think the common theme if anything is the almighty twist that has to be in each one, I love it.


Saw I - The best acting and plot for me the last 5 mins still sends shivers up my spine.
Saw V - I actually really liked the plot with the group all trying to escape and the other plot running beside it, loved the end.
Saw IV - Get's a lot of hate but I loved the traps and thought the twist that III and IV were taking place side by side was great.
Saw VI - Just as people were losing faith with the franchise this came out and turned it round a bit another solid entry.
Saw II - I'm probably one of the few people that likes Donnie Wahlberg as an actor I thought he done well here but I just didn't like the plot and the twist just didn't hit me like a Saw twist should.
Saw III - I didn't like the main character I just didn't care for him at all, the Amanda Jigsaw relationship was becoming really boring too I'm so glad they got away from that.
Saw VII - Just horrible, terrible acting, terrible traps, the doctor coming back should have been massive but it was so horribly executed. I felt it was the right time to bring them to a hault, I hope with the latest entry they've reignited it again.

Jigsaw - I watched it but it wasn't a great copy I'll have to watch it again to put it in the list, it would probably go towards the bottom of my list in truth probably just above III.

All I want from my Saw movies is one massive head**** of a twist.
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