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My game idea ...

This game is like a mix between stock market & fantasy draft ... but with movies.

Basically you would run a Studio/Movie Theater. You would make the selection of movies to be shown in your theater each week. Better picks would make more profit.

Along with the movies, you would have a star/director draft pick monthly. Stars/directors would add a bonus to your profit.

This is just the basic concept, to see how many would be interested in playing.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?
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Movies aren't like baseball games, there are too many variables for an imaginary studio. For a theater manager I think the way to do it is to list all the movie coming out in a year with their release date and each week the manager has to pick the movie that would be the biggest moneymaker. But they would have to do it far in advance of the movie coming out before there is word of mouth about the movie. We are in January so the movie picks should start at least in February.
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Yep. Not like this, more like the actual stock market, where you buy futures in films based on box office performance; there's no theater-managing angle. The HSX is good fun, though. I've played off and on for years, though not as much these days.

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Here are all the major movies coming out this year, many with trailers, so all the info you need is there to book your movie.

I don't completely understand, but I'm interested enough.
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Here's more detail into the idea ...

Starting Cash: $50M

You have 4 screens in your theater. Each week you would submit the movies you want in your theater secretly by PM. All picks would be announced by the weekend.

Each movie would cost $10M, when first selected. You can decide how many weeks you want the movies to run, up to a month. Profit is the movies weekly earnings.

Star/director drafts would be held each month publicly on the forum. Stars/directors that appear in and/or direct earn you 10% profit per star/director.

Well, how about if anyone that wants to play ...

Post the name of your movie theater & a picture that represents it. The picture should be of the inside or outside of some sort of theater. The picture will be resized to 600 x 250.

Target amount of players: 5-10 (less than 5 is not worth running, more than 10 is too much work).

The game would start at the end of January / start of February ... ending in December. There will be multiple leader boards ... monthly, yearly & a couple 3 month long ones.

Also, if there are any more questions or suggestions about the game, please post.