Post some of your favorite/craziest memories of the IMDb forums!


I never knew him personally, but even though I got a sense that Bear over at Corrie was a bit of a prick for not letting anyone take the reigns of that site over from him, I also understood from a personal standpoint that it was his baby and he was done with it and so it was gone on his whim. Fair enough. He had no interest in housing a bunch of RT refugees and I don't blame him. I just felt it was a dick move for the original posters over there who got thrown into the trash with him nuking the site. But whatever. I still sort of get it.

Those corporate ****heads over at Rotten Tomatoes are another matter though. I hate that place. A perfect example of how the most unqualified people at a business float to the top to make all of the decisions regarding their 'new direction', even though they clearly know **** all about anything. The kind of people who just look at algorhythms and trends to figure out what move to make next, and don't have an ounce of integrity or creativity in their blood. I put a curse on them.

Interestingly enough, I finally deleted my RT account today. Aside from the forums closing down, I had numerous other issues with the layout of my user profile and things finally came to a boil once the site stopped working for me on Chrome. But yeah, deleting the forums was a real dick move on their parts.

Those memories on the IMDB forums were something I gotta tell you . I'm glad I found an alternative which is here before they shut down
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