Searching for an old alien horror movie (14+ years old)


Hi everyone, a friend of mine is already searching for this movie for years without any success, what made me register here to get her some professional help. So:
I figured out the movie must be made atleast before the year 2007~.
She's pretty sure the film was taking place in the same time she saw it.

There were humans inside a bar fighting against these aliens.
The aliens sucked-out the humans, atleast one through his throat (like a vampire)
The humans thought they have killed one of these aliens.
The humans cut the alien open to look inside it.
There were only yellow tendons/strings inside it.
She thinks the man who did this autopsy was black.
The 'dead' alien wasn't dead, because it started fighting again and killed atleast one more of the humans.

As soon as she remembers anything more, I will add it thanks 4 reading.

Another possibility is this film from 2004 -- (however, the plot synopsis on Wikipedia makes no mention of an autopsy scene):


Some of what you describe reminds me of a very good film called Alien Raiders (2008). Check it out, even if it's not the movie you're looking for it's worth a watch.