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Tenet, Christopher Nolan 2020 Film


We've gone on holiday by mistake
Can I just add that "It’s been reported that the movie “needs a domestic release of 3,500 theaters—including major cities New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco” as its budget requires it to make “$450 million to turn a profit”.
That is insane!
I think that's fairly standard for the big budget movies these days, $250 for the film, and $200 marketing. It's Nolan though so getting past $500 shouldn't be a problem at all, people staying away because of the Virus might be though.

It feels like Nolan and WB are going hold onto that release date and be the guinea pig/catalyst for reopening cinemas. Nolan is such a gangster lol.
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I think it will return its profit; people are excited to go to the cinema now and see a large scale summer blockbuster after such a long period of quarantine, even though there's the risk of them getting infected or infecting others.

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I think Nolan's got one of those deals where he gets a percentage of the film's profits so him personally trying to stick to as early a date as possible makes a lot more sense under the circumstances. In any case, this still strikes me as irresponsible even though my state/country has been doing comparatively well at minimising the amount of new cases, and that's without knowing how different the situation will be by the time July 31 gets here. Only thing "gangster" about this is how many people it's liable to kill for money.
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I find I am fairly loose with my quarantine activities, and not overly paranoid about getting infected. That said, no way in hell am I going into a crowded theater and sitting shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers. I will wait for the home release.
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Assigned seating, gap between people is something I think they will do in Canada. I cant see people wearing masks in the theater though. No one will want to.

I'd imagine distancing is slightly easier to enforce when you have things like seats, which you can literally count, compared to areas where people just have to keep a rough distance in mind and are standing and therefore inclined to shift and mill around a bit.

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The masks do present a concerning double-bind in that they would presumably prevent patrons from consuming concessions, which accounts for a significant amount of a theatre's revenue. Between that and the reduced number of available seats (which in and of themselves would be hard to enforce - does every session have to have a staff member posted at all times to ensure compliance, which in itself might be a further expenditure?), theatres might simply be too unprofitable to open under the current circumstances. Maybe the content creators get a better deal on their end, but in all probability the theatres themselves will be left out to dry. Like I'm pretty sure a six-foot radius equates to two full seats so that's every third seat of a row, then there's the question of whether you leave entire rows empty to ensure that the distance extends up and down the rows instead of just across them. Too many variables, really.

In any case, there's a local chain that's planning on reopening in two weeks and Tenet will come out four weeks after that, so I think that'll be enough of a trial period to figure out whether or not this is even remotely viable (and I live in a country that seems to have done a fairly decent job of flattening the curve so far, though we'll see how much that matters by the time Tenet drops).

Yeah, we'll have more data over the next month, for sure. So far the re-opening stuff is going moderately well, but the next few weeks are a big deal. Though I keep saying that.

Re: staff member posted to enforce. They kinda do that here already, the last handful of movies I saw in theaters had reserved seating and there was usually someone standing around back there. So maybe a bigger problem for places below a certain size.

They actually thought they'd be able to release the film in theaters this year? Even without a surge and assuming they pulled it off it would've been a disastrous move.

A month or two ago it looked plausible, still, particularly if the second wave was smaller than it's been. But yeah, obvious now it won't fly.

From Variety:

“We will share a new 2020 release date imminently for Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s wholly original and mind-blowing feature,” said Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich in a statement. “We are not treating Tenet like a traditional global day-and-date release, and our upcoming marketing and distribution plans will reflect that.”
So, still planning to open this year, and probably at very different times based on each area's status with COVID-19.

I disagree. A lot of the reason we're dealing with a surge now is due to a lack of responsibility. Opening certain businesses have already proven detrimental. A movie theater opening, even with the proper precautions would've been irresponsible.

A month or two ago it looked plausible, still, particularly if the second wave was smaller than it's been. But yeah, obvious now it won't fly.
I wasn't aware that we'd finished surfing the first wave.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
They should just allow us to buy it to watch from home. Like open it up for pre purchase then release it a month from then.

It would be interesting to see how much they would make vs theatre sales, I think people would be happy enough to pay say $10-15 for a Nolan film or say James Bond. Piracy would be an issue of course post release.

Of course this would be terrible for Cinemas but what can you do.

I feel like the above is almost inevitable anyway, but how long will it take for that to happen.