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A piece of my mind to feast upon
The hell it is. The real question will be if the sequel somehow manages to be worse.
Well it made me laugh anyway. Also I liked the use of the many rules on screen to go with the action.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Welcome to the human race...
I liked it better when The Zombie Survival Guide did it.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

It's disturbing to see Mishima doing Seppuku, since we know he actually killed himself that same way 4 years later. Also, in 1969 he does seppuku in Hideo Gosha's Hitokiri, another very terrifying experience.
I Ain't Got Time to Bleed

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot

Watched on the flight to Atlanta.

If you're able to watch this movie with an open mind and not get hung up on "unrealistic aspects" then it's extremely enjoyable. It was a well-cast film and they did a great job telling two parallel stories at the same time. I had a lot of fun watching this and was entertained throughout the entire film. Boyd Parker

Game Night (2018)

L'antre de la sorcière [The Bewitched Shepherd] (Segundo de Chomón, 1906)
La maison ensorcelée [The Haunted House aka The House Of Ghosts] (Segundo de Chomón, 1906)

A pair of supernatural shorts, neither particularly magic though the second does have the odd moment
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Almost famous for having nailed Madonna once

Welcome to the human race...
Booksmart -

Gotta love these movies that alternate between enjoyable and disappointing at the drop of a hat.

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

The VelociPastor

This is the instant "so bad it's good" cult classic of 2019! After going to China on a spiritual quest, a priest finds himself the keeper of a power that turns him into a dinosaur and killing criminals. The last act was heavily influenced by the 1986 B-movie cult classic Miami Connection, except replace martial arts rock band with well, our titular hero with some twists.


When a disgruntled chemist unleashes a deadly toxin in the city, a 70th birthday party is in serious jeopardy. The birthday woman's deadbeat son teams up with the restaurant vice manager as the others successfully escape via chopper to find a way to escape the toxin while the government tracks down the chemist and find a way to neutralize the gas. Great performance by Cho Jung-Suk, who plays the unlikeliest of heroes, whose passion happens to be a skill he'll need to survive: rock climbing.
It's All About the Movies

ghost dog: the way of the samurai - 1999

the cultural diversity in this movie is outstanding,
an african american who lives by japonese samurai codes,
an italian american wise guy that's stereotypical racist but likes the public enemies,
two best friends that don't speak the same language but understand each other perfectly
this movie had a subtle humor, mainly the stereotypes and the killings
the soundtrack by the great rza is perfect, a mix of two cultures

night on earth - 1991

no one films the streets like jarmusch, he depicts the essence of every city, every street corner
most films cut certain scenes, jarmusch makes an entire movies out of them,
another cultural masterpiece with humor, laughing out loud funny humor and tragedy
jarmusch gives light to a invisibility, that invisibility is beginning of my greatest curiosity
i'll quote a new york chess vendor that i liked very much and i think it's very related-

at night, this,
whatever this material that
gives us this blackness around,
it's a nice companion
in a city like new york,
when it's hustle and bustle,
and millions of people
here you are the king of the night,
in the store
outside you are the king of the city

and now you see
each street
has its own double life
a curtain is raised,
and you see
the homeless,
the con edison guy,
the garbage guy,
the rat,
the bat,
all the creatures of the night

and 5, 6 o'clock in the morning,
and somebody pulls a curtain,
and all that theater of the night
is gone

that theater, I find,
this is my place
these are the people that
you become invisible like them

A piece of my mind to feast upon
Communion (1989) – 5/10

WARNING: spoilers below
I was pleased to see this again as it must be over twenty years since I last saw it. The first thing that strikes me is that I reacted against Eric Clapton's theme (co-written with Allan Zavod, the film's other composer), which to me sounded wrong for the film. This is one of those situations where you have a star band or solo artist sharing parts of a film score – Queen and Michael Kamen on Highlander for example. The majority of the film is more subdued and I found that a lot better.

There's plenty of humour in the film, and Christopher Walken was making me laugh straight away (maybe too much dancing though). The anal probe scene was very funny – "Can we talk this over?" and I chuckled, thinking 'it's all anal with Walken isn't it? ' I wouldn't say the humour is always successful, and some scenes may lose a lot because of it, but what I liked is that Walken is always nuanced enough that it doesn't become tongue-in-cheek. You're always conscious of Strieber coping with his experience.

Lindsay Crouse was really good in this too, combative and empathetic in equal measure. However I was disappointed with the lines in the art gallery about it all being to do with "God", which seemed like skewed reasoning. As a Babylon 5 fan it was also nice to see Andreas Katsulas, who I didn't remember being part of the film. Like Christopher Walken, he's very good at bringing in that sense of unease, which leads Alex and his wife to leave the cabin, and also in the scene where he finds Whitley and talks about the folklore he genuinely believes in (I also recalled that B5 referenced this story with its own alien kidnappers, the Streibs).

The aliens are a mixed bag. The best shot of them is probably the Grey peering from behind the door, and they certainly lose a lot when they become weary floating bodies in the later scenes. The "Blue Doctors" are a lot better. As a teenager watching this, they, and the central idea, were a lot more disturbing than they are today.

Really enjoyed this sweet indie movie.
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