The Town That Dreaded Sundown DVD Availability??


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I Have been looking for years for "The Town That Dreaded Sundown"
on DVD, I own it on VHS, however I would love to have this film on dvd
anyone know if this film is "even" on DVD format?
If so or if not could you please post either where I may order it on DVD or why its not formatted to DVD.


If anyone has info concerning " The Evictors" another Charles B. Pierce
film I could use help locating that film as well.


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I looked on a bunch of online stores and they only have those two movies on VHS so I'm guessing they aren't on DVD. Keep checking, maybe someday they will be.
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Two friends of mine are from Texarkana, Tx. Caleb's grandparents lived during the time of the murders. He said that his granddad would answer the door with a shotgun. I still can not believe that those two guys have never seen the movie.
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