Rate your last drink


Starting tonight with one from the Valhalla series. Tonight, it's Minerva, a Dutch spelt witbier.

Tart and a bit sour, but pleasant.

Ooooooh rough aftertaste.

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^ This ****e. Wanted to try a 'herbal' energy drink but it was disgusting. This reminded me of white wine and I can't stand the taste of white wine, absolutely foul. So if you like white wine and don't want to get drunk, try this.

I gave it one star because the design on the can is beautiful and apparently healthier than the likes of say Red Bull.
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If it's alcohol it's was Aberlour D'Abunah on the weekend. 9.5/10. Otherwise, water, 11/10. If its fizzy drinks count as "drinks", it was over 2 years ago. Coke or Pepsi. Probably coke. 6/10.
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Solid water- on level with the higher end bottled waters of Voss and Evian. I've had one better black water but can't remember the brand.
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Didn't think they allowed alcohol inside the Tower Of London

Anywho .... 48-grain Kenco C8H10N4O2 - 8/10
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Solid water- on level with the higher end bottled waters of Voss and Evian. I've had one better black water but can't remember the brand.
Oh my god is that the Manzo kids' product?

This thread may be tough for me to read as I'm doing a 100 day detox- god I miss craft beer
Luckily it's, all liquud beverage, not just alcohol. Not quite Untappd.

Best of luck with the detox. You'll feel great after!

Gin, Sprite, and lime juice. My default ATM.

Close enough.
Your sponsor through our commentaries, I presume? I DID NOT KNOW YOU USED SPRITE. I might join you one day.

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Lovely notes of salt, smoke and seawead. Large measure with just a few drops of water. Very smooth. Not the greatest Islay type single malt but very decent for the price range.

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Love me some water.
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Just had a Raspberry Ale, brewed by yours truly! I could post a pic of an empty glass because I just finished it It's pretty good stuff, brewed with real raspberries that I grow myself. It's got a sour raspberry flavor and it's reddish colored too! And there's nothing like it in the stores. I'd rate it a

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

SERIOUSLY chocolaty without the phlegmy after build up of regular milk.
Pretty shocked how tasty it is and even MORE shocked how addicted I am to it now.