What is your favorite YouTube video?


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I'm kind of into music videos on youtube, and one of my favorite video's is

And then there is this portuguese girl named Ana Free, and she sings amazing
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Well since Charlie the Unicorn and The Internet is for Porn have already been posted here...
I'll go with these ones:

Best Superman theme song EVER...

How Superman should have ended...

Trunk Monkey...

Justin Timberlake SNL video...

And this one of how Star Trek Enterprise SHOULD have ended is classic (if only it could have been so)...
Fear the Probe!

I wish I had that trunk monkey when someone wrecked my door lock and took my stereo speakers one time. The funniest thing is they were nothing great. Just 50 dollar speakers. Oh and they were too dumb to even realize till after the fact that the back window was gone so they wrecked the lock for nothing. Yes, we all need a trunk monkey for at least the really really stupid criminals

Welcome to the human race...

Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

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Think that those egg-chasing rugby types are hard men? This was not always the case - look at this footage of New Zealand from 1979...

The campest haka in existance!
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anything with Flight of the Conchords

YouTube it
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one of the cutest and most adorable videos on youtube


Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright
I'd have to go with almost any of the Robot Chicken ones that used ( ) to be there, or the various Top Gear clips and episodes, but maybe the best are the Trunk Monkey commercials...
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